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  1. As the Barrett-Jackson driver of the Clarion BMW I'd like to add a few comments. I've restored five 02's over the years along with two e-type Jags, a Porsche 356, a MB 190 and two VW buses with the 02's having the least appreciation over the years. Although the charity aspect did spike the price to some degree I don't think as much as some have mentioned in this thread. First look at the credibility of the builder, the sponsor's and the awards this car has received. I spent a lot of time looking for flaws or where corners may have been cut but couldn't find them. It drives amazingly well which is the real test. I switched over to restoring VW buses after I saw the 21 window sell for 198 K at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Orange County 3 years ago and look what's happened to bus prices since. I also drove an unrestored 75 VW Westphalia camper thru the auction Sunday that needed more than a little work that wouldn't have brought 10 K a few years ago that went for 20 K. With the publicity this sales price has received I predict we're going to see much more respect and appreciation for our beloved 02's that is long overdue. I know that when I'm contemplating my next expensive upgrade for my 02's I won't hesitate knowing I'm going to get my money back with increased value. David
  2. Liquidating all toys. Will drive to meet serious inquiries.
  3. Liquidating all toys so must sell. I'll drive to meet serious inquiries.
  4. I have to liquidate all my toys so someone is going to get a real bargain on an awesome handling car. Mechanically it's perfect as a track car. I had intended to give it a paint job but am no longer able. The 325is motor and transmission had a little over 100,000 miles when the swap was performed by Groma Race Fabrications. All driveline, suspension, brakes, etc were either replaced or upgraded. This is a southern CA car which has been stored the three years it’s been in the southeast and only driven 1,700 miles since built due to health reasons. Additional work included 1. Fresh head and timing belt 2. New IE clutch kit and IE E30 short shift kit and IE windage tray, 3. Guibo and custom driveshaft, 4. Front and Rear Main seals, 5. E28 Engine Mount and custom transmission mount, 6. All gaskets and typical comprehensive tune-up items. 7. Stitch welded engine bay and added body to frame reinforcement. 8. It has a 3.91 LSD rear differential, new CV joints/half-shafts w/IE kit 9. Custom fabricated new front and rear strut bars 10. Custom headers - complete custom 2.5” stainless steel exhaust. 11. H&R springs 12. 15”x6” Panasport Minilites 13. Bilstein sport shocks 14. Hankook tires 15. Euro flush turn signals. 16. New strut top bearings IE negative camber plates. 17. IE ft big brake kit, tii master cylinder, stainless steel lines. 18. All bushings to polyurethane from Ireland Engineering. 19. Ireland Engineering’s front and rear sway bars. 20. Installed all new steering arms and bushings. 21. Haneline hot rod gauges, RPM, speed/odo, fuel, temp, oil & amp. 22. IE fiberglass hood reinforced with aluminum. 23. New door & window gaskets, chrome trim, window squeegees. 23. New black carpet kit from Only02. 24. Vintage Recaro recliners with Schroth 4-point harnesses 25. New door cards from Aardvarc covered with black fabric. 26. The roof of the car is painted black - no headliner. 26. Suede Sparco 350mm steering wheel. 27. It comes with 4 Hankook slicks that have never been on the car. 28. It comes with a replacement dash that has not been installed. The body is ten footer with some minor dents near the taillight on the driver’s side but nothing serious. The car runs awesome. Their is no rust in the shock towers, floor pans or undercarriage but does have small bubbles under the front and rear windows and surface rust between the rear wheels and the jack stands that are all shown in the photos. I hate to give it up but have no choice. Make me an offer. _________________ http://www.flickr.com/photos/87641774@N07 The additional pictures on photobucket were taken by the person on the board I bought the car from. The condition is the same with a little dust added. I include them as they are more complete and the car has only been driven 1711 miles since these were taken. http://s284.photobucket.com/albums/ll38/BobbyDigital080/2002/?albumvie#!cpZZ4QQtppZZ24
  5. I wish that was the case Harv. I can't imagine a more enjoyable career but alas it was not me.
  6. If I recall correctly the 3251s motors were rated at 168 horsepower. The changes may have bumped it a few more but I would say in the 175 range. I've had three 325is's though and the difference is day and night because of the lighter body and the suspension on this car is the best I've ever driven. I've only had it on the track once with mostly much higher horsepower cars but this baby hung with them as I gained in the corners and went further into the curves before braking. The sound of this car is awesome!
  7. This is number five and I've had 2002's since the mid 70's. An unmolested 74 malaga with a/c and sunroof is in the background of some of the photos. I've been on the FAQ for quite a few years but had to re-register as I either forgot my log in or password. With "GLWS" were you thinking I was asking too much?
  8. Just listed on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1971-BMW-2002-M-20-Getrag-260-/190687780183?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item2c65e09d57#ht_500wt_1021
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