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  1. Bmw e21, e23,e24,e28,e12 Recaro set of seat knobs and support fort adjusting wheel (NLA, OEM). New. 100$ plus 7 $ shipping to lower 48. Interested email: [email protected]
  2. 35 Petri sports steering wheel. Spokes restored but still few scratches here and there (see pics). just freshly recovered in black leather, (680 with after market horn button/780 with the original horn button. no slip ring, no plastic collar. shipping is around 25 dollars (lower 48). Questions, feel free to ask. petri35cm.zip morepics.zip
  3. 35cm Petri Sports steeringwheel . Spokes 8/10. Wrapped in high quality black leather. The includes horn button aftermarket, plastic collard is petri but belongs vw. Only thing missing is the slip ring/ contact and it could be purchase at local bmw for 9 usd. Please contact me at [email protected] for questions. Paypal required and shipping is about 30usd for the US. Any additional info you need, just ask!.
  4. I'm looking for all the plastic parts for driver side recaro seat (late model) . Adjusting knob with emblem. Upper and lower cover (left side ) L shape plastic cover (right side) You can email me [email protected] 772-236843. Carlos.
  5. just go under classifieds.....parts for sale...you should find about 10 pics (2nd page I belive)
  6. Hi Guys: Up for sale is a nicely restored 35mm Petri wheel. Freshly redone in high quality leather: grip is very firm. Spokes have been restored as well. The only thing that you need to bolt this on is a horn contact. (still available from dealer for about 8-10 dollars, part. number 32331109750. Questions? feel free to ask [email protected] Price is $600 shipped. Keep in mind this wheel is" restored", all you have to do is purchase the carbon pin from dealer and put it on your 2002 to give it that final touch. paypal is [email protected] Location: pembroke pines, florida
  7. Looking for door panels in good shape for an e21. Preferably black but if in good shape would deal with other colors. write to [email protected] Location: florida
  8. This is a almost identical Petri Sports steering wheel HUB,(machine shop made). all measurements are the same, this one is made with the metal pin technique used by petri when in fabrication. The sale includes the metal ring (painted in electrostatic paint for more durability) and screws. $135 frim you pay shipping (about 10-15 anywere in US). Additional questions feel free to contact me at [email protected] .... paypal is [email protected] I have a more metal rings available if you only need the ring. (35$ shipped) Location: pembroke pines fl
  9. Up for sale is a very nice 35mm Petri Steering wheel. Spokes have been refurbished and brand new high quality black leather has been used to recover(professionally) original foam. It includes the original hub and decorative collar (with two small details (see pictures), the carbon pin is new and original (only part still available new from dealer) and the horn button is not the original but is "new" and its look is pretty similar to the original one. Needless to say this is and oem part for 2002 bmw's (part number 1 109 739) in pristine shape. If you have any additional questions please contact me at [email protected] .... paypal is [email protected] The price is 550$ firm you pay for shipping. Location: pembroke pines fl
  10. BMW E21 "EURO" Instrument cluster, taken out of a 323i (1981), in good working condition. Had the "motorsports "M///" added to the tachometer and fluorescent paint applied to the gauge markers. the instrument cluster is fully functional, only thing that is missing are the reflectors (squares) located on the upper part of cluster.(button for the clock is include in sale) If you have any questions, feel free to ask. The part is "used" and "rare, truly euro" $180 shipped. Interested write [email protected] http://www.use.com/supersize.pl?set=4a641d724064efedaa47
  11. Looking for a 320is sports stering wheel...sned pics to [email protected] Thanks, Carlos
  12. 1. Personal Steeringwheel..freshly recovered in black high quality leather $ 14" diameter $85 2. Luisi?, Dino Possibly?...original leather great condition, 14" includes original metal. old style hub, all you have to get is a horn button and some screws $100 3. 31456560 (Covering right and left) was found on the following K569 vehicles: K569 K 75 85 (0562,0571) N/A, , USA (0571) : PAINTED PARTS 631 AVUSSCHWARZ K569 K 75 84 (0561) N/A, , Europe (0561) : PAINTED PARTS 631 AVUSSCHWARZ K569 K 75 85 (0562,0571) N/A, , Europe (0562) : PAINTED PARTS 631 AVUSSCHWARZ both in great shape..nla form bmw $75. Questions, additional pictures? [email protected] Thanks.
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