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  1. Need a good brake booster for a 1973 2002 needs good vacuum and presentable exterior, no rusted out salvage items. Thanks
  2. Can you post a picture of the brake booster?
  3. Working on my install and after trimming the backs and hair, I still have a gap - 1-2 inches at the top between the back of the seat and the parcel shelf. I can flex the seat to hook it on the prior bench seat hook, but it seems to stress the seat frame to use that hook. Did you use those hooks for the back or fabricate others to hang on them to the back of the seat? Thanks - Rum
  4. Found one online source that says 71 mm or 2.8 inches, that sounds about right. May be 70mm
  5. Anyone off hand know the dimension (width) of a 1973 rear flat roundel? and spacing between the mounting lugs on the back? I am restoring and have a new panel w/out holes in but can't find the right flat roundel to size it. Any help would be appreciated. Rum
  6. Looking for a saddle interior seats drivers and passengers for a 70-73 2002, and possibly new carpet, we emailed a few years ago when I was restoring a 3.0cs in Tupelo, MS 

  7. Harry: Looking for a pair of front bumper overriders for a 73, angled rubber and chrome?
  8. Is this set still available? Sorry saw it has been sold.
  9. Looking for a pair of tobacco seats OEM in the 1971-73 range and willing to recover but need good bases and rails, what might you have?
  10. I have been informed that the offset is wider than the standard wheel opening without flares, so it is a 12mm offset. Thanks for your time
  11. sorry guys, rudyrum64 at gmail dot com, thanks David

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