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  1. It would definitely be better that that cobra kit car that blew up during the pace lap in my ssm race
  2. Another option is a little bit of a hike to Mt. Airy. York Automotive. Ed York knows BMW. Period. He's won numerous SCCA MARRS championships in BMWs back in the day.
  3. Nice moves! Your back end got lighter on turn 3. Less gas as the race went on? That's what happens to me. 3 is always my Waterloo.
  4. I too had a great time. I escaped unscathed in Saturday's SSM mess down in turn 5.
  5. You may also want to reinforce the ear with a piece of flat steel bar. My rewelded ear became weak.
  6. This wont work. This is the Chaperone version not the anti-theft version.
  7. Isn't it this week that AACA have their annual swap meet? My coworker raves that it has always been the largest gathering in the nation. I might go and check it out to see if they got stuff for our cars.
  8. That's a very tough call. It's like asking myself do I want to give up my left nut or my right nut.
  9. Nice vid, M. I'm not used to cones marking apexes. Watching your Vid reminded me of mistakes I make.
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