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  1. I wished more 02's were priced like that around CA these prices are ridiculous out here.
  2. Why are the 2002's hard to work on? it's not like they are full of new BMW tech. or a bunch of computers they are much funner to drive then the e30 or e28 If my dad had an 02 i would want one too! and learn from him. The 02 should get him to point A to B with ease and It's not like your son is going to be racing the car or driving like he just got his L's i'm sure he will be just as responsible as you Targa.
  3. +1 for a e46 i'm a non wrencher and still consider a '70-'73 2002. In your situation your son has a dad to go to for advice and you for sure know a thing or 2 about 2002's forget the rest and get the man a 2002 '76 since he's living in the city.
  4. Ok thanks for clearing that up all make sense now your last post wasn't confusing at all i just confused myself lol living in CA i have to go with a 75 or older model then because i hate paying for damn smog and it sucks when it doesn't pass had to cash out 1200 dollars for my e46 just to pass something wrong with the emission system. BMW's and there hi tech ways lol i want something old school with barley any high tech. in it hopefully that doesn't come back to bit me in the you know what but im willing to take that chance(knock on wood)
  5. So let me get this straight if i get a '70-'73 02 i will still have to get it smogged because it will be my daily? Or is there a way around that and can i say i use it occasionally and ditch the smog for good? I just dont wanna worry about smog ever and drive it daily. Whats the trick to do that if any lol.
  6. Yeah i know but im just feeling the roundies more and the small chrome bumpers i know i will be shit outta luck if someone hits me but that's a risk im willing to take. Now time to find a job and make my dream a reality!!!
  7. Thanks guys for the helpful input i agree if it's not a roundie in CA it's really not worth it. I went to 002 today and they dont have any roundies they had 3 nice ones but were all 75 76 so im good off those.
  8. Ok thanks for the quick reply. Still want a roundy tho going over to 002 tomarrow to see whats in stock. What do you guys think about this one worth it or over priced? http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/3093469634.html
  9. Is this guy full of it? i thought after 73 is the cut off in CA? http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/3075855163.html
  10. Nice i hope it works out for the both of you and i would just get it towed still will be a long drive and don't want to risk anything failing along the way good luck!
  11. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/3111049045.html is this the one? how are you going to get the car to Nevada? just wondering.
  12. Look's really good the color really pop's out and the wheels look like they are ment to be for your car, nice choice and you will break a ton of necks on the road. More pics if you can please can't take my eyes off it!
  13. Good choice on not getting the Benz they are over rated and not balanced cars they can't compete with any BMW. As soon as a week after owning the 300D your Tranny is going to tell you something horrible it is going to tell you that she wants out of the relationship and wants you to find a replacement ASAP.

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