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  1. Sorry about the delay, computer and camera crashed:( jm pm me if interested
  2. Had some problems with getting the pictures; will do my best to get them up tomorrow.... thanks, jm
  3. Sorry guys:), Will get pictures up asap today! thanks, jm
  4. Was hoping to get a 2002, but have to wait until I sell some cars:). bumper sold early this morning. Still have the spoiler. thanks, I have a front spoiler and an early rear bumper for sale. The bumper is a long one for the rear. Dropping the price from 200 to 125 each plus shipping. Will get pictures up today, Sorry for the delay getting the pictures up. thanks, jm
  5. Sorry skipped over the best offer part. thanks, jm
  6. Hi: Did you sell the white car on ebay? thanks, jm
  7. Hi: Do you know how much these springs will lower the 2002? jm
  8. Thanks for the replies. Have a few others to check out that have come by pm. Looks like this is going to work great to find a spoiler for the 76. thanks, jm
  9. Looking for a front spoiler for a 76 02. Not too concerned about condition or what color it is:) Let me know what you have. thanks, jm
  10. still have the bumper? Price? jm

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