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  1. Thanks Steve. Email sent. It's not the Malaga tii, can't afford that one!
  2. Can someone do a PPI for me in Minneapolis? I will gladly pay for time. I would also like a recommendation of any good local shops. Thanks, Keith [email protected]
  3. @Brandon - poster wrote "Mod 71 preferred," which is technically. That is the descriptor for roundi Tiis. He is not referring to model year 1971.
  4. Fantastic build. I'm contemplating a complete nut and bolt restoration for my new project too...but realize that I'll probably never get my investment back.
  5. Haven't checked this out but seems high on price based on condition.
  6. Do you have the condenser and evaporator as well Todd?
  7. Looking to add AC to my tii in my quest to turn it into a DD. I've been doing some research and need to source a good condition AC console. I prefer a Behr system, but will consider any other brand. I also need to find the tii AC pulley.
  8. Do you still have these and will you ship to CA?
  9. Do you still have these and will you ship to CA?
  10. I am getting a pair of Recaros from an e21 shipped to me soon from another member on this forum. This set is also vinyl with cloth insert and I'm excited about finding the right cloth when I reupholster it. At first I thought about using a black and orange plaid design to match my Colorado paint scheme, but along with your train of thought, I didn't want it to match the car too much in case I wanted to switch out the seats. Now I'm leaning toward something black and white, which can be used with any color scheme really. Herringbone or houndstooth would both be great and I'd have the stitching in a diamond pattern for the insert to make it even more unique!
  11. Good talking to you Vince. Looking forward to getting these seats with custom cloth.
  12. The seats turned out great. I'm thinking of the doing the same whenever I get around to getting Recaros. I've always wanted cloth on the inside and vinyl on the outside, but I'm thinking about find a tartan or checkered design for the frabric...ala Golf GTI or TDI seats.
  13. Do you only have one mirror?
  14. I called last week and the car was sold. I was interested in some of the parts. I should've bought it for $1,500 when it was originally posted. The interior alone is worth almost that much.
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