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  1. Manual rack and pinion would be pretty cool. I like how the 2002 steering feels but my box is starting to wear out and has some slop at the ends finding good used boxes isn't always going to be an option. A rack and pinion kit would be a safe and reliable upgrade for our cars
  2. this is what I have read....I may be wrong but the K series and the F series both spin the same direction CCW from looking at back of motor. The B series spun the other direction so, guys that put a K series in an older honda have to figure that out. there are a few different trans that ppl are hooking up to the Kseries... the BMW trans is a popular option because it can hold decent power https://kpower.industries/products/k-series-to-bmw-e36-e46-transmission-adapter-plate-and-flywheel
  3. how about a K24 or K20 Swap? a few ppl have documented mounting rwd transmissions to them. I think if I were to have a clean slate on my car, I would go with a K series they are still pretty cheap and guys make silly power with them
  4. thanks for all the replies, you have given me a lot to consider. If I can find a reasonably priced 228mm flywheel I will go that route instead of drilling mine. Im not looking forward to the added mass of the 228mm e30 clutch system but that seems to be the most cost effective way to reliably hold the torque of my set up
  5. Ive seen both 13.5mm and 14.5mm for min thickness....I will have to do some more digging... Hopefully I have room to play with it.
  6. Good points, but it wont cost me a dime to machine it as I will be doing it myself. The most I will be machining off the face is 0.02" so I can put a new step in it at the 228mm diameter. I will make sure the height of flywheel pp and throw-out bearing are the same when I put it back together
  7. Hi, Winter is coming here in WI so I'm starting to prep for my projects. One of them is to upgrade the clutch on my car to handle the power of my turbo set up. My plan is to drill the current 215mm flywheel to accept an e30 228mm pressure plate. My question is, the 215 mm flywheel has a step, I plan to have that machined off and a new step put in for the 228mm set up. but I don't know how much step to put in for the 228mm plate or if it is even needed. I know a few ppl on this forum have done this, any guidance would be appreciated! Before ppl tell me to just by a 228mm flywheel Im cheap and I work in an engineering lab where I have access to a lot a machining equipment knowledgeable machinist
  8. Im on IG but not active....Ill DM you some pics of the build
  9. Awesome car man! been watching your build and have really enjoyed it.... don't listen to the haters....they just wish their 02 was quick lol jk...I just finished turbo-ing my 02. It was the best thing I ever did to my car, it's so much fun to drive. Keep up the good work and turn up the boost!... im running 12 PSI on a blow through mikuni with no motor issues. motor only has studs and an MLS gasket
  10. nothing?....looks like some guys run a M20 clutch with a 228mm flywheel....anyone here go that route? looking for something to hold up to the power without breaking the bank...... Clutch masters builds 215mm clutch that can supposedly handle 499ft-lb anyone try something like that?
  11. Hey Guys, over the past winter I turbo'd my 2002. the car is an absolute hoot to drive but now I am getting some clutch slippage when I get on it hard at around 12psi of boost. I know that a 228mm clutch set up can handle more power than the 215mm setup but, I am hesitant to switch since my flywheel was balanced with the crank when the motor was built a while back. I did some research and California Clutch sells a 215mm clutch set up that supposedly can handle 499ft/lb of torque and price isn't terrible . Does anyone have any experience with this company?.......they may have formerly been clutchnet? https://californiaclutch.com/product/bmw-stage-5-clutch-kit-package?v=f24485ae434a
  12. For the rear, Im running 250lb springs on Koni 30 series coilover shocks. its a nice ride, stiff but not crazy stiff. my fronts are 325lb 8" springs. its a little stiff but handles so good. would probably be a little softer with a M20.
  13. Im gonna do some more brain storming in the garage this weekend. Running an electric pump would probably work but I think for the same amount of effort I could probably come up with a solution to mount the stock T-stat elsewhere
  14. Makes sense, I have seen this on a few M10 race motors but,i guess those set ups are designed for WFO . Im gonna have to come up with some clever plumbing. Ill look into the M30 style tstat. Would a blocking style thermostat work on an M10 or would there be issues with hot spots?
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