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  1. For the rear, Im running 250lb springs on Koni 30 series coilover shocks. its a nice ride, stiff but not crazy stiff. my fronts are 325lb 8" springs. its a little stiff but handles so good. would probably be a little softer with a M20.
  2. Im gonna do some more brain storming in the garage this weekend. Running an electric pump would probably work but I think for the same amount of effort I could probably come up with a solution to mount the stock T-stat elsewhere
  3. Makes sense, I have seen this on a few M10 race motors but,i guess those set ups are designed for WFO . Im gonna have to come up with some clever plumbing. Ill look into the M30 style tstat. Would a blocking style thermostat work on an M10 or would there be issues with hot spots?
  4. Hey, d does anyone run their car with out a Thermostat? I have run into an issue with my turbo set up were the Turbo manifold (Boost Bros style ebay garbage) is in the way of the T-stat. I have tried to come of with ways to relocate the t-stat but it will not be pretty. Im thinking about welding up the water divider and just running the car open with out the T-stat. Has anyone done this? I have a feeling I am going to be crucified for asking lol.
  5. Hey, Since I am turboing my car, I decided to get a thinker MLS head gasket. My old gasket was .050" and my new gasket is .100" is will lower my compression by about a point. After putting the head back on I reinstalled the cam sprocket and chain (which has about 10k on it). The chain is very tight even with out the tensioner. What are my options? Should I find a prestretched chain? lol...but seriously. I could also maybe modify the tensioner slide to get me a little more room.
  6. This guy was on the forum a few years ago. He even had a build thread but now it is MIA. He is using an Eaton M45 SC from a Merc 230 kompresor. I was actually so inspired when I saw his build that I bought an M45 and was gonna do the same. I built an intake plenum but then decided that if I am going to pressurize my Mikunis I might as well do it with a turbo, so that is where I am at right now. Ignore the crap tig welds....Im just learning lol
  7. if you decide you are willing to ship let me know. Im very interested. I have had good luck shipping across the country with Grey Hound. I am located in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area
  8. People are haters! the average person would turn a car like this into a nice clean driver. that could easily be done for under 10k (including price of car) if you are willing to put in some elbow grease. A moron would dump an additional 15k into to a transplant square tail car.....the point is the above argument is not at all realistic and ads no value. Ciao
  9. Good point Tzei, I also have a spare engine with 8.xx:1 CR maybe I'll tear that engine down and prep it for boost. Im doing a blow through mikuni PHH set up. So, I need to build my motor with a larger margin for error. even though its low ish boost.
  10. Hey, So im in the process of turbo-ing my car. years ago when I rebuilt my motor I put in IE 9.5:1 cast pistons. My plan was to run an 0.098" mls head gasket which should put my CR to around 8.6:1. I figured this CR should be ok for the low boost (8-10psi) I plan to run. my worry is if the IE pistons cast pistons can handle boost? has any one done this before?
  11. Im not interested but the car looks pretty cool and solid. Given the price of these cars lately I don't think the price is too far off
  12. So a its been a few years since this thread was started. .. im seeing these Aluminum radiators all over Ebay. has anyone tried one? as stated above they look very similar to the IE ones.
  13. Geez.... some of these methods are crazy As you stated you can distribute the weight rear of the car along the rocker edge by using a 2ft ish long board running length wise under the rocker pinch seam. Put a jack stand on each end...so 4 jack stands. this will distribute the weight on the rocker edge which is WAY sturdier than the floor pan. This method also keeps the center of the car open for adjusting drive shaft and exhaust. if you wanna go over board rip shallow groove in the board for the rocker pinch seam to sit in.
  14. I am very pleased with Hagerty... I "totaled" my car this past summer. They were very easy to work and paid out my agreed upon value with no hassle. They then allowed me to buy the car back for savage value that I thought was very reasonable and they didn't brand the title as savage! When I rebuild I will be going back with them....if they will have me lol

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