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  1. Early rear that is
  2. Same for me on the shipping to 15658 in pa. I’ll take the rear if you can ship (greyhound?)
  3. I have one neat Pittsburg. Malaga though. No rust
  4. Do you still have this?
  5. Come get whatever you can cut. It’s going to the scrap yard soon.
  6. I have a very nice short block for sale if you have a head.
  7. rrost

    sheet metal.

    Assuming Boston. I have a roundie rear.
  8. Free to a good home. It has two small dents and I would hate to see this scraped rob
  9. I would be interested in one of the shortys
  10. rrost

    Short block

    Sorry, no. In Pennsylvania.
  11. rrost

    Short block

    Pulled from a 72 auto. Vin x...x meaning a replacement motor. 88.89 piston. Spins super nice.
  12. Let me know what you have with price shipped to 15658. Or pick up east coast. Thanks Rob
  13. I have a piece. Tough to ship though. Where are you located?
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