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  1. Reduced to $400 no tranny.
  2. I have a non, running but turns free motor. I will be in Michigan the end of next week if it’s conv
  3. Would like to sell the whole tranny
  4. I have one in hr east of Pittsburgh.
  5. Hi

    Would you know the primary tube diameter?

    Cracks ?

    Will anything will be left after glassblowing?

    Building a race car reason you are not using?

    Thank you



  6. Oh sorry. I see now. Where are you located?
  7. Still in the car. 30.00?
  8. The flange part is not intact and would require a weld.
  9. Email didn’t work. Driving through ct on Thursday on. RT 84.
  10. I have an old stahl header. Needs to be painted.
  11. I have a nearly new one
  12. This motor came out of a wrecked 72. Assuming it ran when wrecked, it turns over very smoothly. Oil was up. 32/36 Weber, 121 head with its stock cam. This is a xx ID so it’s a factory remanufactured motor. The head is stamped 84. It’s pretty clean. An auto tranny is attached at the moment and is free for the taking. Will help in anyway to transport.
  13. rrost

    Rear subframe

    Pa. I will be coming to Dover, nh July 4th.

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