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  1. I have one near Pittsburgh 4:10
  2. Good condition console. Blemish passenger side. B/o
  3. Not new to this rodeo, I know what I’m looking for. i believe those air horns are ones I sold you..looking good.
  4. Anybody looking for their matching block?
  5. Can someone identify the block vin?
  6. I have one that was running fine with accessories for 600.00 ill be in near Winston Salem on wed I think. Driving through.
  7. Have you guys raced in itb? These are not 20k plus cars and I didn’t say I want a front runner. Car number one is a build and incomplete with no races or logs. 15k . maybe Car number two is a 24hr hammered on car that has not been raced since 02. Sq light and most likely twisted for 11k. No
  8. Thank you Wah. A little pricey so I’m still searching.
  9. Looking for a road race car . Scca or others considered.
  10. Anybody with a empty trailer headed to pa? Gladly pay for fuel..
  11. The charge light comes on when key is powering up . Light stays on now. Couple hundred miles ago it would come and go. When the light was off and the car was running, I could pull the battery cable and car would still run. When light went off, car would stall. I know that’s not good for it but I think the light is working fine.
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