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  1. Hi Gents, I’ve searched and read and searched some more... but not quite found the answer. Issue is around idle jets. I’m running lean on progression - despite having 55F9’s. Next up is 60’s, they seem very large for a 2L. Please read below and tell me if I’ve missed something? Here is the setup I’m running Motor is a fresh 2L m10 with 10.5:1 compression, schrick 292, 123ign dizzy, ported E12 head, valve job, new bavaria mech pump, headers and a pair of new 152Gs, AEM wideband also installed Weber specs: 5.0 AV 36mm chokes 155 mains F9 emulsion 55F9 idles 180 air correct 40 acc pump 70 acc bleed 2.25 needle Floats set & checked 12mm Fuel pressure is fine No static timing. Runs 16 degrees at idle on the 123. Timing mark is correct. 24 degrees at 1600 28 degrees at 2400 then flattens off whilst I’m getting the fuel tune sorted.
  2. Nice work! I think the lingo around webers varies from hemisphere to hemisphere. if your transition is a bit lean maybe look at your idle jet sizing - what are you running currently?
  3. Well, 0.045 would make it 1.15mm. That is excessive and will cause a stumble. Either way aim for 0.03/0.75mm. Yeah WOT mixtures in the 12’s sounds good 👍
  4. It's down at a workshop now getting the tailshaft and exhaust made. Then it'll be on the rollers for run-in and tune. Then home via a paint shop for some work where the rotisserie mounted and a modding the exhaust pipe cutout. Found a pair of recaro's on the weekend. Dash has been re-trimmed and is ready to refit.
  5. 0.45mm? Reckon you could open that up a bit. With a mixture in a 11's they'll foul faster and small gap will cause a stumble. Try 0.75 and see what happens.
  6. 36mm chokes is pretty small for a 2.3L with a 304 cam. It wants to breathe, I think pulling some fuel out (11:1 AFR is turbo charged territory) combined with 38mm chokes will help a lot. I'm running 45's with 36's on my 2L with 10.5:1 compression, ported short turns, 4-2-1 headers and schrick 292 and 123ign. Goes on the rollers next week.
  7. Brilliant post. I’m just about to have my freshly built motor tuned and needed to understand the 123 dizzy better. Trying to decide on the origin of the vacuum for the dizzy, single port or link them or vac manifold or... The motor should make decent power with 10.5:1 compression, schrick 292, E12 head with ported short turns, custom 4-2-1 headers, running pair of 45mm Weber’s. Rods and pistons were grammed and there’s crank scraper in there too.
  8. Getting close to starting it now. Fresh motor with - 10.5:1 compression, rods & pistons grammed, checked for roundness, crank scraper fitted. - E12 head with short turns ported, 5 angle valve job, schrick 292, new valves and springs, IE rocker stoppers - new 45mm webers with port matched inlet - custom RHD headers 4-2-1 - 123ignition bluetooth dizzy Got a G240 behind it with Speedhut GPS speedo to get around the lack of cable. I've got an internally regulated 65A alternator so I pulled the loom down to ditch the reg wiring and random old plugs. Also fitted a fuse/relay box for low beam, high beam, horn, thermofan and d/light relays.
  9. Been a long road of rust removal, paint and collecting parts. All coming together well now. Getrag 245 is waiting in the wings along with a fresh M10 inc forged 10.5:1, Schrick 292, new valves, porting, blanced rotating assembly, twin webers etc etc.
  10. Long bump up the list. It now looks like this... E21 rear diff, 2002 shafts/spacers, with E30 4.10 gears and E21 drums Volvo big brake conversion up front with Bilstein HD's and new bushes.
  11. cheers, just joined progress of sorts... bum fixed and rust cut out mud out of the front guards rust in the bottom of the front guard this lives just up the road from me. caught up with the owner on the weekend and he gave me a heap of books and advice nose off interior mostly out
  12. firstly, great thread. i've just picked up a '71 2002 in chamonix and it's getting old crash damage fixed this week before it comes home for a proper going over. your thread is both inspiring and intimidating! great work! your mate is correct, even some modern cars have it.
  13. big plans... after the old accident damage is straightened out i'll bring it home, strip it down and get the rust removed/resprayed. beyond that i've got an E21 5 speed lined up for it, possibly some twin side draft strombergs...
  14. correct, it's a TR6. belongs to my friend that i bought the 2002 off. your black 2002 looks mint! what brand are the rims? edit: hartge?
  15. picked this up on the weekend for $1500. been sitting in a shed for ~10 years been hit in the back left and it's kinked the boot. at the panel beaters right now getting straightened out. interior is good. no rips or tares, console unmolested. carpets are fucked. boot and tank area look ok roof lining is good bay is OK doors are not too good, evidence of rust current and bog. not sure how far to go with the body. might pull it down myself and send into a shop in the city recommended to me by a friend that resto's cars. happy with it for the money! it starts and runs on four, has all the original wheel centres and fuel filler, even has factory AC.
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