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  1. Anyone in the Charlotte area that can get me a vacuum advance for a base model 73' 2002? I also could really use a locking or non-locking gas cap. Random I know but I appreciate it. Thanks, Alex Kerry
  2. hi guys, My 1973 2002 is my daily driver and I just started a new job that I cannot afford to call in with a stalled car-- Hence my desire to figure this out quickly. When I accelerate I notice a severe stutter and my rpms vary quickly- Will drop three or sometimes four hundred RPMS before "catching" Also when stopped at a red when I try to take off I have to pre gas the car with clutch in to avoid a stall. the week before we had the Spark plug out with a "oh thats how you get that out" kinda moment. It's sitting pretty loose in there now and I can't tell if this is normal or contributing tothe car... Can anyone tell me anything it might be? Also I am in the Charlotte area.. any good mechanics? Thanks to all, alex k.
  3. Quite possibly. It was replaced just as an upgrade? And how long was it in your vehicle? thanks! Akerry
  4. Everyone, I own a 73 2002. I'm looking to upgrade my carburetor. I'm thinking either a 32/36 or 38/38. Both Weber's. I'm leaning towards a 38/38 as the response is apparently better. Can anyone comment on the difference? is it noticeable? and how bad is the resulting loss of fuel economy from a 38/38? also noticeable? Finally the place to buy. I've seen a great looking one from Ireland Engineering. Its 375$. While one from WeberCarbsDirect is only 290$. Both come with filter, linkage, adapters of various use etc... and from what I can tell are basically the same. Any reason not to go with weberdirect? Finally on a stock 2002.. how much increased HP can I expect from this conversion? If I tune to minimize wear on the engine...conservatively? Thanks Everyone.. This is my first Carb upgrade so any help is greatly appreciated. Regards.
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