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  1. Cosdel is very expensive. Try Trans Global or Phoenix / MapCargo for reasonable (but not lowest price bidder-style) Ro-Ro.
  2. Hans

    you were thinking a E30 rear strut would fit NK?

  3. Any E30 rear strut should be a drop-in fit with no mods ... at least for the later NKs.
  4. Anyone know a confirmed source, stash, or replacement for the OEM foglight mounting spars? It's a bar that attaches between the bumper chrome and bumper bracket. All the substitutes either clamp to the chrome or grille. My makeshift spar is dimensionally close but flexes too much. The usual vendors don't have this item (but have plenty of OEM fog / driving lights). Thanks much ...
  5. Folks, the Blue parts book lists the 88 mm roundel badge ( 081 747) as correct for the post-69 NK hoods, but every other source lists the 82mm badge (480 184) as correct. Both are still available and both will fit the holes, but which version came with the cars when new?
  6. Where do folks route auxiliary cables for things like driving lights or audio power that have to go from the engine to the interior? The NK's main cable routing is on the left side of the faux and regular firewalls, but mine is so tight with OEM cables there's no room to fit more for driving lights. I definitely prefer not to drill extra holes or lay them on top of the fresh air gasket.
  7. Recently resealed my 40 PDSI and am using a C/O meter to set idle. On the rev-down the CO spikes (as expected) but it stays rich for 2-3 minutes before settling to the idle mixture setting; I have idle at 2.5 % and can consistently tune it to any value. But I would expect a return to idle mixture much more quickly. The other oddity is that the next morning the car doesn't want any choke, it starts with a rich mixture. In both instances it seems as though excess fuel is entering the venturi, but not from the idle jet. Again, all carb flat gaskets are new. I'm guessing someone has seen this before?
  8. Seeking the top round disc cover for an E10 air cleaner or just the whole assy; 4 clasp single Solex version. Thanks much.
  9. Can someone opine on the correct location for the Tectyl decals (corrosion protection) some of these cars may have had? Lower right of windshield or lower left of rear window? There's a blurry image of something that looks like a Tectyl decal in one of the sales brochures, but it's too hard to confirm 100%. Thanks.
  10. Left front a-pillar, a few centimeters from the base of the pillar. The one that W&N sells comes with a little drilling template. Look at the NKs on Mobile.de for a sample selection of how it's fitted in other cars. That's what I used to reinforce the W&N template.
  11. Anyone have tips for installing the NK windshield + seal? The workshop manual makes it look painless, but I'm struggling to get the lower seal lip close enough to the lower body flange. It's a new OEM BMW seal with plenty of lubrication. Thanks much!
  12. hans4


  13. Seeking uncraked trunk shock tower elephant skins for any post '66 NK, one left and one right; based in Southeast. Thanks much ... -Hans
  14. Seeking round fog light mounting bracket (spars) that attach to the bumper overrider bolt. Will take OEM or consider anything that's close to what's shown in pic. Thanks.
  15. Could someone link a webpage or album depicting NK engines when factory-new. I'm trying to replicate the color schemes for the dipstick, oil filter housing, alternator tension arm, etc. Sales brochure doesn't have any photos and owners manual is b&w. Car is a 1969, so a 2nd gen? Thanks.
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