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  1. Let me ask Patrick of Midnight Sports on cost for restoration of the seats. Yes, the matching back seats will be great.
  2. Thanks Nathan - long time no hear. Dionnie CF2002: Are they still available?
  3. How much? I'll check if it fits my '73
  4. diondion

    Oil Viscosity

    he said "Ah, now I know." Thanks guys, that wasn't hard was it?
  5. diondion

    Oil Viscosity

    I am changing oil for my '73 2002 til - recommended oil viscosity; good oil brand out there? Thanks
  6. diondion

    Original Olive Seats

    Shipping cost to 98115?
  7. diondion

    Vintage Wiper Arms with Shovel

    Still available?
  8. diondion

    wiper arms

    What year these arms came from? What's the condition of the gears/teeth? Thanks, diondion
  9. diondion


    Thanks, I'll start looking around.
  10. diondion


    Ok, rookie question: I'm looking at upgrading my wheels to 15 diameter, what specification should I be looking for with the rims? Thanks
  11. diondion

    Golde sunroof chrome handle

    Thanks guys, will check with the dealer.
  12. diondion

    Golde sunroof chrome handle

    Do you have the plastic cup (bucket) casing around the handle?
  13. Thanks, currently undergoing paint job. Hoping to get it done before the end of this nice weather.
  14. diondion

    Lots of 02 Parts for Sale

    Do you still have the wiper arms for '70-'73? Dionnie