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  1. it is a pinto radiator looks just like mine from 97, mine is full copper.
  2. i think that Google is the devil, and agree with KB. but i am old, and long for simpler times. G
  3. it looks similar to a flywheel from an old sewing machine.
  4. ok, i said that wrong. not beat on them... it is more like striking a bell. get it to resonate. the vibration does the work. waling away on them IMHO doesn't do a lot of good. make it ring. and of coarse Toby is right about the wheel bearings, but driving down half the roads in New Orleans is bad on the wheel bearings. Gaius
  5. i like to take the wheel off and beat on the drum. when you beat on it you are not just pounding, the idea is to get a rhythm going. try to make it ring (like a bell, sort of) it is the vibrations that break things loose. i learned this from an old gunnery Sargent, this is how we got large props to break free. a brass hammer works best, but steel will do. this works on many things. use it all the time on case bolts/ screws when working on motorcycles. and is how i always get drums that have been sitting for years apart. gaius
  6. call, or email Blunt. thats what i would do. his shipping has always been reasonable for me, but i have never ordered from web site, i email.
  7. funny it says that engine runs like a champ.
  8. had a pertronix fail on me (the magnet came off) left me stranded. i put points back in.
  9. looks like a volvo sterndrive mated to an m10, great combination.
  10. i have seen where someone painted the trim.
  11. those are actually 73 brackets, the 72 brackets do not y and allow the bumper to tuck in a few more inches.
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