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  1. I have a set of 4 13x5.5 alloys that were on my 02. Tires on them are trash, but the wheels are good. Only very minor rash on one (thought it was none until I really looked close). They all are straight and work and look pretty nice. I'm in Helena, MT $150 or best. give me a call at 406-594-599six if you are interested
  2. well these went for a nice trip in my car. Now they are back at my house
  3. lug tool, door striker, camber plates and pertronix are sold. LL
  4. OK, So here are a bunch of '02 parts that I got with the car that I bought. I DID NOT pull them/see them work have anything to do with them except for pull them out of a box that was in the trunk. I can describe them as they were described to me. Many of you will know much more about these than I will. If you have a question or need something measured etc. please email or text 406-594-599SIX and I'd be happy to accomodate you. Also, as in my other posting of parts I will reply to the e-mails/texts first and check in here less frequently. I am just making up the prices based somewhat on what I've seen and sort of what I think it is worth to go box, ship etc. If you feel I'm way off (high or low) you can let me know. I really would like these to go to people who will use them and not just clutter up my shed. LL Front calipers, They are heavy so shipping may be $$$ I was TOLD that these are tii calipers and if you know how to verify that I am happy to do so. Hard to see in picture but the holes look to ba about 90mm apart $50 Camber plates with some grossness/corrosion come with 3 allens, you will need to get the other 3 $15 SOLD Plastic fan $15 Carb air cleaner adapter(?) $10 Wiper motor $20 lug wrench $10 SOLD Pair of steering arms $20 Water neck '69' $10 Brand NEW driver's door striker $15 squirter motor nozzles and bracket, these and the bottle in my other post all for $20 one tab broken off of motor, included. Nice looking steering coupler/rubber dealie. $10 Distributor housing $10 Seat belt clickers $15 Brake MC $20 Exaust hanger and plastic piece $5 Rear sway bar end links $5 Brand NEW carrier bearing in unopened bag. $30 'hose air bypass 2002tii' $10 Brand NEW points and condenser $10 Pertronix plate and signal generator, needs magnet ring (I've not been able to locate) $20 SOLD
  5. antenna and euro turn signal are sold. Grilles are pending (need to confirm deep/shallow status) I will check in here, but can get your emails and texts first so those are what I've responded to already. Thanks everyone: Leif.
  6. Complete set of roundie tail lights as pictured. $125 pair of door handles (passenger side has key, driver's does not match/inop) $60 grilles (all 3) missing plastic triangle-dealies in not perfect shape $60 Cluster complete speedo needle is broken, see picture $30? 1 regular pass side front turn signal $25 1 ONLY PASS SIDE euro front turn signal $(?) I do NOT have a set. This lens looks good but the very top rear corner does have a crack, but barely noticeable. SOLD Red tip antenna. $(?) SOLD washer bottle. $20 rear light housing only R side $20 I do have most of the rest of the car as well less engine/trans. I do not wish to ship large/heavy parts e.g. no body panels. but if there is something you need please let me know. Calls/text at 406 594 599SIX are the easiest way to reach me. I can do paypal and if you feel like trying an offer, the worst I can say is 'no thanks' LL
  7. I really would rather just sell the whole deal. These are not going onto any of my cars so I would love to get them into the hands of someone who will put them to good use. Pertronix and Header sold. Carbs and other stuff still very much available. Leif
  8. $250 and they will come with all the bits to put them on a car and drive it. I don't have a choke/heater cable and the front one has what looks like a shop-vac filter instead of the normal foam. But they run and sound nice when you mash the long pedal. Let me know -Leif
  9. It has a momo horn button, but aside from that seems to fit your criteria. E-mail me if you'd like pictures.
  10. Oops. E-mail hidden, should be sorted now. Here are some pictures (hopefully) as well -Leif-
  11. Hi all, I've got a 75 m10 apart that was running but with low compression on the rear 2. it's got dual solexes with a sorta funky welded together kind of linkage that does work. And the manifold of course. A long tube 4-1 header, think it's an Ireland? An e12 head that should probably be rebuilt there is a pertronix in the dist. and all the other engine bits as well, less the crank pulley (timing kit with little wear) might even be ok for a re-ring? I live here in Helena, MT but am willing to ship. Will try and get some pictures up here in a bit but if you need any of this shoot me an e-mail and we'll work something out. Thanks Leif
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