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  1. Thank you all for your input. I will do more research and make a decision. -T.J.
  2. Thanks David and Andrew, I will look them up. Thanks David and Andrew, I will look them up.
  3. crosson9

    My 1973 BMW 2002

    Just some pictures of my beloved '73 02.
  4. Hey All! I'm pulling the motor out of my '73 and looking to have the head rebuilt and a performance cam installed to match the side draft carbs that came with the car. I live in South Fl and was looking to see if there were any reputable machine shops around the south east that are of the same level as Ireland Engineering and Top-End Performance? I imagine shipping from Fl to CA is going to take a chunk out of the budget that could go towards the motor. All suggestions and advice are always appreciated. Thank you! -T.J.
  5. As always you all are amazing! Thank you for your input. You cannot put a price on this kind of knowledge and experience. I wonder if Audi and Mercedes have a community this passionate and helpful?
  6. Brand new master cylinder was installed less than a year ago. Can I rule that possibility out?
  7. Hi Everyone, A couple of times at speeds over 60mph passing another car, when decelerating back to 50mph white smoke(a fair amount) comes out of the exhaust. Normal around town driving this does not happen. Any ideas? I know she's due for a valve job. As always thanks for your insight. - T.J
  8. Selling my beloved '73 02. Time to move on to another adventure. Great car, runs strong, very solid and is pretty much a turn key car. Of course she is forty one years old so there will always be something that needs to be done or replaced. A small amount of rust has started at the bottom of the passenger door and the bottom of the windshield. Small oil leak has started in the past year or so. At this point it's just a few drops over a week or so of sitting. I call her a ten footer. The paint on the car is fair with a few minor scratches and a little peeling at the bottom of the rear fenders. Chrome is in fair shape also. For the Northerners looking at this car, it has no heater core, blower motor or air conditioner. The car "seems" to be water tight. It was caught in a typical Florida summer down pour and I found no water in the car. I would have bet money that the sunroof would have leaked. Any questions please ask! More photos, let me know what you want to see. Location: Port Saint Lucie, FL, USA Year: 1973 Make: BMW Model: 2002 Body and Interior: Body and paint are in fair to good shape. Interior is also in fair to good shape. Dash is cracked and the seats are without holes or rips. The seats were painted black by the previous owner and it is wearing off to reveal the original tan color. Engine and Drivetrain: Engine and transmission are very good. Four speed shifts very smooth and the car accelerates quickly. Small oil leak. Dual Webber side draft carbs. Full length headers. New water pump,thermostat and hoses. New battery. New fuel p Suspension, Brakes: New tires and alignment. New brakes all the way around. New Master Cylinder. Original rebuilt caliper. New wheel cylinder.
  9. Found a 1" plug in the plumbing section of Home Depot along with an 18"x1.25" piece of thick walled hose. Final solution shown below. Tore ass around town this morning for about 40mins and no leaks. You guys are a huge help with all my 02 issues. Thank you! -T.J.
  10. TobyB, what would be an internal cap? links or pics to give a clear idea. Thanks you all for your input on this! Also, hose clamps. Some better than others or are they all the same?
  11. Yes I have side draft carbs on the car. Plus I live in South Florida so there really isn't a need to have a heater in the car.
  12. This a pic of the old pump with the old cap
  13. Yes TobyB, I believe that is what is being bypassed.
  14. Hi Everyone! Replacing the water pump on my 02 and noticed that a bypass cap was used to block off one of the outlets. What was used was a 3/4" cap which is in bad shape, so I would like to use a proper fit 1" cap. Local autozone does not carry a 1". Any suggestions where to get one or other options? Thank you guys, you always have the answers. -T.J.

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