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  1. Hi Guys, Most of you guys already know me or follow me or at least saw my car in 02 calander. So I started to vlog about my 2002 Alpina car and some other stuff maybe also. After 6 months of thinking everything over after a few of guys suggested that I should tell more about my car and presumably it is interesting enough for someone to even listen. So to spread the word about a guy with black 02 in Europe that is talking about his car, trips and so on... You can follow me on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bta_garage/ You can follow my page on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bta.garage.official And if you are still interesting to get to see or hear more about car and me. You can subscribe and watch vlogs. Hope you will enjoy my getting nervous time :D
  2. Hi, did anyone had a problem getting it in the hardest setting at the front? I could not get rod and endlinks together. Mounted while car was on the ground...
  3. By the looks triangle, by the rarety roundies. Can't wait to get mine triangles restored and with a devily details like my alloy Alpina rims
  4. Did a little photoshoot with mine, hope you enjoy the pictures:
  5. Hi, I will go to rear subframe upgrade with new bushes and want to prepare for the job. Where to put car stands meanwhile for the subframe to drop? Any photos where did you put stands to have anough room for everythin to unbolt and mend while on stands?
  6. I have one in my 2002 and painted it Black... Bought it from W&N.
  7. I have oil leaking/oil vapor up mine 123Tune, they said I have crankcase vent problem but have that only a 35cm tube out... And engine seems fine (160-170 psi) compression test.
  8. Like koogleworks but I have original BMW bavaria stereo and radio console and would like to maintain the Alpina accesories pack so tht is why i have only upper two options avaiable...
  9. Hi Guys, Thanks for all your opinions and I hope to get them even more. I have NOS tii clock that is later style with BMW incription on the face and with pod. What concerns for Alpina pod 3 or 4 gauges there is no problem of making new one that is spot on measurments [emoji6] I’m more keen for separate clock to have all engine info in one pod and clock when man needs it where it was supposed to be from the factory. What concern about my car, it is Alpina kit car... A1 kit mounted on stock engine, Alpina rims 5,5J (changed rear for staggered 6,5J), Alpina stering wheel (3 spoke now, originally had alpina 4-spoke), Alpina shiftknob, Scheel seats from e9 B2s Alpina... Custom exhaust... And some visual pictures just for taste:
  10. My EU spec 3/75 2002 has only one flat horn, but as it seems it may have wiring ready for second one? Am I correct?
  11. Thanks for that scan! Would like to see also 73-74-75 and compare what was new and what did not hold the market that they did not offer it afterwards.
  12. Hi everyone! For a while I have Tii clock on a shelf to put on my 75' 2002 that actually is Alpina kit car (A1). Now I'm wondering and pulling my hairs how to arrange everything. In the future I will add Alpina gauge pod to have some gauges to check the engine (oil temp, oip pres. and so on...) Now I'm putting my trust in you 02 specialist to help me with this manner. Both option were seen on Alpina Buchloe made cars... Option 1: Option 2:
  13. Steve you are correct, I did test fitment with R1/528 Borranis with 6J et17 That I got as a spare wheel.
  14. I use gasket with a heat shield and spark plug wire shield (socks) and wrapped SS header. Keeps the temps down...
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