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  1. Up for sale is a spare set of tii injectors I’ve kept as a spare back up. Came out of a running engine years ago and stored in a sealed container for years in my heated garage.
  2. I have one with the key if your still looking you can email me at [email protected]
  3. If still in need email me a picture of what your looking for I have several parts cars
  4. I have for sale a set of nice driver quality turns signals. As you can see in the pictures the brackets are like new. Lens are in good shape and chrome is good with a couple small Minor pit marks.
  5. I have one if interested. You can email me at [email protected] What year is your car? 72-73 has different clocks then the 74
  6. We’re you located ? Believe I have one
  7. Selling a steering gear box out of a 72tii. This will fit all years 2002’s. Gear box moves smooth with no play.
  8. Selling a tii brake booster. Email me if interested, thanks
  9. Have for sale front bumper rubber accordions that will fit years 74-76.
  10. I have that piece of still searching for one
  11. Without tires, shipping wheels isn't too bad (2 Boxes) how much do you want?

    1. pickolly


      Let me take some pictures. They have tires which the firestone charges to take off. What’s a fair price for the rims? I know they are in good condition. I will be away for work this week, how fast did you want them ,thanks Denny

    2. Deilke53


         I paid $25 each for the last set I bought, and I just missed a set for $25 total, and I've seen people trying to get $75 each it's really just whatever they're worth to you.   I can't see paying more than $50 each with shipping.   No real rush, I can wait a few weeks.

      Thank you.

  12. I have a set but I’m in Pa , shipping would be high
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