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  1. rounder, How much do you think shipping would be to Milton FL?
  2. I’m interested, how much shipped to Milton FL, zip 32570?
  3. Interested, next in line if MattL passes.
  4. I’m interested also, if 02manybimmers passes.
  5. I’m interested, how much with shipping to Florida, 32570?
  6. The hood is available. I’ll have to get out in the shed tomorrow and get some pictures.
  7. Hazard switch is still available. I’ll get pictures tonight.
  8. Front seats have been sold. Rear seat available, but needs redone.
  9. No door handles, but I do have the hazard switch. I’ll get you a picture tonight.
  10. I’ll take a look in the shed this weekend for the early center grill. then post pictures of what I have available.
  11. I have a wiper/washer switch/stalk
  12. Kidney grill available? PM sent
  13. I do, let me get a few pictures for you tonight.
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