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  1. I’m interested in the 73 2002. Please get back to me so we can discuss details.
  2. bmwownerzrok


  3. Go to Rhom Innovations. My car is there now for the same reason. Finally got rid of my 38/38s
  4. Peters hobby shop ripped me off and after 5k miles I need a new build. Mike ohara will argue with out on anything non oem. If you want a daily go to mike. If you want something outside the box within reason the only person I ever let touch my car is Rhom Innovations.
  5. Nothing better than RJD2 station on Pandora for a long drive

  6. bmwownerzrok

    My 02

    Progress and pics
  7. Seems like 38,s tuned right is the way to go. I think I'll keep my set up. Thanks for all the great input.
  8. Thanks for the input. All I remember is I met a guy out here with side drafts and pretty much the same set up and it seemed his car was faster. Could have just sounded faster with the woosh...
  9. When I did my restoration I had dual 40's solex side draft carbs. They were shot. I swapped out to a 38/38 down draft webber.I hogged out my intake and my car runs strong and easy to manage. However, I am wondering at this point if I should have went with the webber 40's side drafts. I am running 284 cam stahl header, straight pipe and ti pistons. Too many other little things to mention. I seem to always get mixed responses. Some say with my set up I am good and side drafts is unnecessary. While others say I am losing out on top end. The one thing I do know is I don't want to sit and tinker with carbs ALL the time. I am wondering once dialed in how much up keep is required for a garaged car. Also if someone went from a 38/38 to 40's side draft and noticed a significant change to warrant to investment.
  10. I used Jerrys' custom in Gresham, They did great work!! You can check out my gallery for pics of my car. On a side note I was hoping to get feed back on side drafts from a local person in Portland
  11. Looking for a set of chrome window latches for quarter panel windows. Anyone has a set or knows where to get a set?
  12. Meant to say rear quarter window latches. I know this is short notice, but I have a show tomorrow and during the prep the window latch snapped off. Anyone have extras for sale or would you consider lending yours for a day?
  13. So I have a set of e21 recaros in my 02. I pulled off the head rest and put in a set off ebay which has the netting. The problem is they wont come off. I greased them up and pulled with all my might and they are stuck. One thing I noticed before putting them in is that the oem set has three divots for locking and the netted ones have one. Any ideas how to get them off without compromising the seats?
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