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  1. I have the Behr pamphlet that came with my new '75. It's clearly the interior of a 74-76 automatic with a Blaupunkt Frankfurt Stereo. John
  2. Looks like the radio dealer installed in my new '75, which I soon swapped for the Stereo version. Try googling you might find something like this https://www.blaupunkt.com/en/nc/servicesupport/car-multimedia/downloads/manuals/ John '74 Polaris
  3. Hard to beat Andrew's Blaupunkt for originality, a common install back in the day, but FYI, here's a Retro Sound Radio, though before bluetooth was added. When on, the radio has a digital display. John 74 Polaris 02
  4. Try googling for something like "Blaupunkt Frankfurt bluetooth." Someone's got some sort of conversion adapter. Can't speak to its performance. Retro Sound makes radios that look something like originals - 2 round knobs and pushbuttons. Digital read outs. You can get a model with bluetooth. John 74 Polaris 02
  5. Let's be positive. There's a 100% chance of sunny days. There's 0% chance of rain! I believe timing has to do with availability of lodging and location has to do with the eagerness of the BMW Performance Center West to provide high performance driving experiences to club members. Oktoberfest New Orleans 2017 was changed to late Oct-early Nov. Have not heard that's feasible for 2020. John '74 Polaris 02
  6. Ah. To be only 47 again. Oh, you mean the 2002. John 74 2002 Polaris
  7. I had a new one installed in 2018. ANSA fit too close to right floor for my satisfaction. Bought a new BMW pipe. It fits perfectly. John 74 Polaris 02
  8. There will be lots of rumors, but I hear, reliably, that ECS did NOT buy Bav Auto. There's so much competition now. The profit margin on aftermarket car parts must be very slim, requiring very large volume sales.
  9. So sad. I remember them since my earliest days of BMW life in mid '70s. Been very helpful to BMW community for many years. Tough competition these days. John '74 Polaris 02
  10. Oh my. Long winter. I just visited the garage. In fact the current tires are 195/60/14, not 65, pretty close but slightly smaller than the original 165/13s. And few good tire choices in this size. Might be time to go back to 13s and try the Pirelli CN36. But the Panasports look soooooo gooood. John 74 Polaris 2002
  11. dlhoovler, you introduce a new variable for me, carefully considering matching tire diameter to stock 13s. Michelin XAS 165/13 diameter is 23.62" In 14" sizes: 175/70 - 23.6 185/65 - 23.5 195/60 - 23.2 No tires available in the closest sizes for a 14" wheel appeal to me. 195/65 - 24.0 +1.6% from stock Vredestein Sportrac 5 performance tire 185/70 - 24.2 +2.5% from stock 185/70 Pirelli CN36 classic performance tire When I bought the car, it had an E30 tire/wheel package. I installed the 14" Panasports for the classic look, but kept the, at the time, good Michelin 195/65s. I recommend anyone considering new wheels avoid 14s. Rapidly diminishing tire choices. John 74 Polaris 2002
  12. About due for tires. 14x6 panasports. current tires are 195/65/14. Slim pickings. Anyone tried the Vredestein Sportrac 5? Summer High Performance? I suppose I could try 185/70/14. Several choices in Standard Touring all-season tires. 869 vs 858 revs per mile. That's only about 1% difference in odo and speedo reading, which is accurate with the 195s. John '74 Polaris 2002
  13. I simply checked my odo to calculate that I drove 3,012 miles in the 02 in 2018! How many will I drive this year? John '74 Polaris
  14. BMW Classic Archive confirms above referenced car was January '75 production, delivered "to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City." Did BMW NA phase out Hoffman's role as importer rather than a specific date? John
  15. Well, my first, a new '75, was imported by Hoffman. John '74 2002 Polaris My '75 window sticker...
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