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  1. Esty, I recall several years ago you said you used door seals from Auto Zone or some other auto parts store. You also provided a link but if I remember correctly, it displayed a few different seals so I never chose one. Would you be able to take a look and send us the serial number if you saw it again? Of course it is possible that it wasn't you or I am remembering this completely different than what actually happened. Thanks, Larry
  2. I rented Baby Driver last night and this was one of the trailers. I wonder if the value of our cars will bump up a little because of this.
  3. Hans,


    I might be interested in the 400 mm Petri. How much are you asking?



  4. I just saw this post. Get well soon Esty...You are a treasure. Larry
  5. Very sorry to hear this Lenny. I too always enjoyed your dad's posts. Larry
  6. Changed the channel to Motoweek and caught the end of the Pat Gauss segement. He was explaining battery stuff and using a Tii for his demonstration.
  7. I did this too moving from Cali to Texas. When I got to Texas, I found a business with a shipping dock that let me unload the car.
  8. Yeah, I will probably call tomorrow. I also could use the knee trim clips and the bottom strip clips, so I hope you have those. I'm trying to think of some other stuff I can use.
  9. Are these the correct door panel clips? I believe I need 13 per door, correct? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Interior-Door-Panel-Trim-Set-12-Clips-Kit-For-BMW-3-5-6-7-Series-67-94-/360944113782?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6393 Thanks, Larry
  10. Steve, I like that wheel. All I need now is a proper horn button and hub.
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