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  1. Try Jaymic.com I saw them the last time I was surfing on their site.
  2. 2002ad.com has them; they are replated and ready to go, reasonable price also. Search under their replated parts category.
  3. Looking for a decent bare or rebuildable Tii E-12 cylinder head...original without the port/studs for mechanical fuel pump from the carburetor version. Please logon the forum and email off my tab, thanks.
  4. Keep drinking...compare the 2002 part #'s listed in my previous post, to the 320 part #'s listed below. No. Description Supplement Qty From Up To Part Number Price Notes Photo 02 SPRING FRAME BACKREST FRONT LEFT 1 52101849971 ENDED 03 PAD SEAT FRONT 2 52101841501 ENDED 03 PAD SEAT FRONT 2 52101882694 $81.32 04 PAD SEAT BACKREST FRONT 2 52101849977 ENDED 04 PAD SEAT BACKREST FRONT 2 52101882695 $81.32 05 Bush 2 52101849499 $1.32
  5. If you don't drive it constantly...keep in registered in Jersey (at a friend or relative's address) the plates are probably cheaper there too, since they're not as bankrupt as CA. Even though I don't live there, I have all of my cars registered in CA (since they are "blue plate") but they all pre 1976. The SOB's keep raising the plate renewal every year to make up their deficit.
  6. Good luck on finding new buckets...N.L.A.
  7. Make a friend with your local BMW dealer parts manager so you won't have to pay freight from the "other sources"... or if you have extra money to blow for the same parts order from World Upholstery in California-see below for p/n's: For those of you that are not fluent in German...Links=Left Rechts=Right No. Description Supplement Qty From Up To Part Number Price Notes Photo 03 PAD SEAT FRONT LINKS 1 52111815037 ENDED 03 PAD SEAT FRONT LINKS 1 52111824773 $88.29 03 PAD SEAT FRONT RECHTS 1 52111815038 ENDED 03 PAD SEAT FRONT RECHTS 1 52111824774 $88.29 04 PAD SEAT BACKREST 1 52121815035 ENDED 04 PAD SEAT BACKREST 1 52121824775 $77.47 04 PAD SEAT BACKREST 1 52121815036 ENDED 04 PAD SEAT BACKREST 1 52121824776 ENDED
  8. Bill, I tried to contact you by phone, but your # was disconnected. I went to EHS with brother Chris; please login to the forum and email me off my tab. Thanks, BP
  9. Don't let me come up to that sh*t hole that you live in to kick the crap out of you. Stand in front of Norad when they send over the nuclear blast.
  10. That's what you need to cover your face living in the pollution bowl of Toiletrado
  11. At least I know who mine is...good luck in your third world.
  12. AHEM! Yeah you have one plate, but you also have scorpions. Oh and spiders... lots of spiders. And you have hail storms the size of baseballs, occasional blizzards, lots of inverted polluted air, traffic out the ass & they tax you to death....need I say more!
  13. Colorado...a great place to be FROM, not GO TO. Southwest is best...one plate no problem.
  14. C.D. you don't believe the p/n's that I furnished in my post? Your quote below- Jim - have part numbers for your grills so I can give an up to date price and availability from the mothership ? Good luck on a sale at BMW, if anything...prices will continue to climb. I've seen the new grilles in the flesh, they still are not as nice/shiny as the originals were back in "the day", they only have the early design (not the late style '73) at 10X the original price.
  15. One style fits all now, and the aluminum is not as shiny as back in the day. Make a friend with the parts manager at your local BMW dealer to get a discount. 01 GRILLE LEFT CHROM 1 09/1967 08/1973 51131808473 $480.31 only in conjunction with -- COVERING SCHWARZ SET 1 09/1967 08/1973 51131817840 $97.95 03 GRILLE RIGHT CHROM 1 09/1967 08/1973 51131808474 $480.31
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