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    1972 2002tii #2760116 manufactured on Dec. 3, 1971 in Chamonix.

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  1. Nice installation. I’m about where you left off, sans compressor. Some have said the Chinese clones are just fine vs. a real Sanden. Your thoughts? Also, you might paint your hinges black before installing the grills, BMW thought that was a good idea to hide behind the grill, lol.
  2. Modern adhesives are not what they used back in the day, like using benzene as a solvent.
  3. I have some in good condition, PM me if interested.
  4. Just FYI, I and others on this forum have or had seriously dented OEM fuel tanks, so they are definitely vulnerable
  5. +1 on the E28 conversion. It’s pulseless so doesn’t need the reservoir. Other than the fittings and electrical connectors it’s plug n play.
  6. IIRC, the edge is chipped but that doesn’t show with the rim attached. I will PM you with close up photos.
  7. If that fails, they are 8 mm OD, look for a reply I sent to another poster regarding hinge pins. An M8 bolt will actually work pretty well.
  8. FS: Wide (late style) sill coverings, driver quality, $50/pr., buyer pays shipping. Will send additional photos on request.
  9. For sale: pair of lightly used Bilstein Sport (now called B8) rear shocks, installed several years ago but used less than 2000 miles, decided to go to B6 setup. These are $95-105 each list. Selling for $100, buyer pays shipping from MD.
  10. Interested in your used one depending on condition and price. I’ll PM you. -John
  11. For sale: parking brake cable, p/n, unused. $10 plus shipping
  12. FS: 12-fuse block, lower left in first photo is still available, without a cover. $25 shipping included.
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