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  1. @inkatii I have one of those is OP doesn’t.
  2. Not to hijack this thread, having just rebuilt and installed a heater box, I later wondered if an external fan like from SPAL would replace the OEM design? There is a 4” one, photo below.
  3. For sale: Shift surround, driver condition. $100/obo. Buyer pays shipping from Maryland.
  4. For sale: one pair of black headrests from a 1973 2002. Missing one side bezel and three clips, as shown in photos. Buyer pays shipping from 20850. $100
  5. Which H&R springs are you describing, progressive?
  6. I rebuilt a long sender, it’s for sale (PM me) and also two short ones. FYI, wire resistance is 10 ohms/cm. You can buy Nichrome wire by the foot at https://jacobs-online.biz/nichrome_wire.htm. I used a strip of #1000 Emory paper to clean the contacts. It’s kind of tricky to get the wires in between the contacts, otherwise pretty easy.
  7. Small leak in the radiator of my 1972 2002tii. The shop in Gaithersburg, MD closed some months or years ago. Prefer to keep it original if possible. Anyone know of a radiator repair shop in the DC area?
  8. New part from BMW dealer, I started at A-pillar, made sure it fit the curve, was the right length at front and stuck out at the rear. Pounded down with fist starting at top of A pillar curve, then backward, and then gently with rubber mallet and block of wood. Did myself, could have used another person. Not difficult but lots of anxiety based on write-ups by others.
  9. @zambo. I sourced mine through either Fastenal or Grainger, can’t remember which. Shoulder bolt solution involves getting a bolt longer than necessary and cutting of the excess threaded part so it looks like an AN fastener.
  10. Is this the same material that the trunk trim pieces are made from and covers the trunk floor board? Fabric-backed vinyl. I’ve been trying to find a vinyl spray paint that matches this color, to no avail.
  11. I went with World covers on my E21 seats, the only color was black, so that’s a limitation for many folks. The vinyl is very nice, soft and not vinyl-like German vinyl. Their customer support was great when I tore the back seat cover and they replaced it. whichever way you go, I would recommend you spend a few extra dollars to have a pro do the re-upholstery if you’ve never done it.
  12. I have an earlier version available (separate metal with four screws) if interested. Driver quality, some blemishes see photos
  13. @xr4tic-I went the same way, actually tried the micro approach first (mouser electronics) and then went RTMC in the area vacated by the battery for driving, fog, high beam, low beam, and horn. Inside the cabin would be better for sure, I didn’t feel like relocating parts of the harness. Very clean install!
  14. @TobyB I actually have an e36 diff rotting in my shed, and a 4-speed driving a 3.90LSD on my tii. I’d like to get the revs down without going to a 5-speed. Can you indicate any instructions on changing out the gearing to get the 3.45?
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