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  1. I was just looking at this for my other car, there is a cheaper model for $180-ish. Shipped from Norway. Continental is made by VDO, seems to be sold only in Europe. https://www.bergvillfx.com/index.php/products/car-audio/continental-trd7412ub-or.html
  2. @tdskip nice job! IMHO, I would do the engine bay (in epoxy primer?), then the rest of the body work in primer as you move along. See what else is there, then decide on level of paint you want, but discuss with your painter unless it's diy. Just beware that rattle can paint dissolves with solvents unless you paid a lot for the catalyzed sutff.
  3. Do not use a rattle can finish. You need a catalyzed paint. You can color code to pretty close to factory color code at mail order stores. Even if you don’t have the perfect spray rig (check out Harbor Freight), it will last longer than what is in a spray can. Check out https://www.autocolorlibrary.com/pages/classic-library. Two-stage will be much more durable.
  4. Jason, I will also buy one when available. I daily my car in the DC metro area, can be a test bed if needed. Awesome build! -John
  5. @Clevis Woodruff. Having grown up in California, I know one thing you do have is newspapers and access to the Internet from which you might learn about the climate crisis that is causing our polar ice to melt, killing off multiple species of animals, and burning our forests. Or maybe you think it’s only a hoax :(.
  6. I searched the Internet for “D-shaped” weatherstrip, ended up finding something that is adhesive, vs. OEM which has lips, and it works fine. And looks stock. From Amazon: Kaixuan KX Automotive Universal New Weather Stripping EPDM Rubber Seal Strip D-Shape, 3/4”
  7. One element I’m missing is a fuel pump shut-off (impact) switch. Any recommendations?
  8. @Gary32, let alone with classic car insurance that requires a locked garage. My P-car gets outside parking with a covercraft Noah with 4-year warranty, which I assume, means it will need replacement in four years. Stands up to hard rain, some moisture comes through but evaporates readily. Fits really well.
  9. @Jsppn any interest in sharing the schematic with part numbers for diy’ers? Even at a reasonable price?
  10. To take this one step further, my soon-to-be-restored pedal box is gray-green. Should it match the subframe, or vice-versa?
  11. Elephant fabric available from World Upholstery for $40-ish/yd. They will send you a sample. It is thicker than what is on the boards but closely matches the vinyl glued to the forward trunk area and shock towers. Color and grain match original.
  12. Where did you buy these brackets?
  13. Vredestein Quatrac 4-season 185-60R14 https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Vredestein&tireModel=Quatrac+5&partnum=86HR4QT5&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes squishy side walls but not bad for 4-seasons. I have for sale a set of Falken Azenis 615s 195-60R14 for summer high performance.

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