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  1. Dylanhat


  2. Hey everyone, My site Neuemotorsports.com is having a decal sale this weekend. Chose any 3 decals and we'll ship it anywhere in the world for $10. The sale will end on Monday night. http://www.neuemotorsports.com/store/sale
  3. Hey everyone, Recently I had some shirts made with my companies new logo on them. They are $20 and cost $5 to ship. The shirts are 100% cotton and will ship out the next business day. Order: http://www.neuemotorsports.com/store/neue-motorsports-t-shirts
  4. Hey everyone, My site Neuemotorsports.com is doing another 3 decals for $10. Pick any 3 you want. This sale includes free shipping anywhere in the world. http://www.neuemotorsports.com/store/3-decals-for-10-sale
  5. Hey Lee, The intention of the product wasn't to rip off your idea or copy it. The design made by Tailored Supply has similar features as you mentioned but it isn't anything that hasn't been done before. Using skateboard bearings in this application isn't new. At the end of the day its still just a gas pedal. Currently there aren't any options out there for a 2002 gas pedal upgrade so this product has filled this void. If your nubs have rusted off like what have with the owner of Tailored Supply the one being sold currently is a great replacement. We never meant to step on your toes but we will also continue selling the pedals. Thanks.
  6. Yep, we've got the gas pedals and fluid reservoirs ready to go out. I'll definitely keep you in the loop if any new products come out from him. Tailored Supply makes great stuff!
  7. I'm not sure what he is doing with his site. I used to carry his products for a while but due to time constraints he stopped making stuff. Now they are back in stock. I like the brake and clutch idea!
  8. Neue Motorsports is proud to announce that Tailored Supply Co (heistx) is making 2002 gas pedals and brake fluid reservoirs again. I personally have both on my 02 and bought before I had them on the site. Everything that Kevin makes is high quality. More info on the products: Gas Pedal: http://www.neuemotorsports.com/store/2002-aluminium-gas-pedal Brake Fluid Reservoir: http://www.neuemotorsports.com/store/2002-brakeclutch-reservoir Thanks again for the help growing this thing everyone.
  9. We've got them back for sale. http://www.neuemotorsports.com/store/2002-aluminium-gas-pedal http://www.neuemotorsports.com/store/2002-brakeclutch-reservoir
  10. For New Years Day we will be selling any 2 of our decals for $7. Included will be free shipping anywhere in the world. The following decals are available: Respect Your Elders M10, M20, M30, M42, S14 Powered God's Chariot Square tail sticker Roundie sticker 4 & 6 Cylinder Get Inline decal http://www.neuemotorsports.com/store/new-years-sticker-sale-2-for-7
  11. The sale ends in a few hours. Take advantage of the deals while they last!
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