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  1. Awesome. Could I swing by on Sunday and grab it? Ill be heading back down to Mass at some point on Sunday.
  2. Where in VT are you? I'll be up in the Manchester area this weekend and would gladly take this off your hands.
  3. I replaced the original points with the petronix ignition I had yet to install and it started, its idling a little rough at start but evens out and then runs but not that well. I'm assuming I just need to fine tune the timing.
  4. So over the last couple days I removed all my smog equipment except the wire that runs from the #12 fuse to the coil. I also replaced the exhaust manifold with the IE shortie headers as well as the down pipe and exhaust. All of the vacuum lines appear to be plugged well. When I first finished the entire process the car turned over and fired up no problem the first time, idled great and I drove it around for about half an hour. Now 3 days later it wont fire. The starter is also brand new and is cranking fine but I get no ignition. I'm running the original 2 barrel solex that came stock on my 75'. I'm wondering if i need to adjust the mixture screw on the carb as the spark plugs appear to be getting soaked with gas when I pull them to inspect them? I also don't know where the screw is to adjust the mix on these carbs so if someone could please point that out to me that would be a huge help as well. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Yea I'm starting think I just scrap the idea of getting this one in and going with the smaller lighter one because I literally tried every different position and angle I could think of and It wouldn't even get close. I honestly started to think something had shifted in between removal and attempted install but I checked and nothing had. And you're right about the weight of thing getting to you.
  6. Thanks for the input guys. The starter I got is the same exact size as the original. Granted I had to work it to get it out but I still was able to get it out hence my frustration with trying to get the new one back in. I have taken the sensor off the bottom of the manifold. Zinz are you saying that the mount under the manifold where the single bolt that ties the starter bracket to the underside of the manifold can be taken off? I hadn't looked to see if that was a possibility as I assumed it was part of the manifold. I can try to get some pictures later on.
  7. So yesterday I attempted to swap out my dead starter with a refurbished SR71X and had a hell of a time getting it out and still haven't gotten it back in. To clarify I have a completely stock engine in my 1975 2002. I must of fought this thing for 3 hours before giving up. I have no idea how I am supposed to snake this new starter back down in to the correct position without tearing the intake manifold off which I really don't want to have to do. I've removed everything that all the other starter installation posts on here have mentioned and they all make it sound like it should slide back into place no problem so I am wondering what I'm doing wrong. It appears to be catching on everything: the brake booster, the engine mount, the upper starter mount below the intake manifold as well as the trans case. To be honest I don't really understand how I got the old one out seeing as how getting the new one in is causing me so much grief. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  8. So my car has been garaged all winter and I have regularly started it about every other week or so without problem. I live in Boston and its been pretty damn cold and she had no problem starting even on the coldest of days. Now today I go to start her up and she starts to turn over and then just kind of winds out to a slow churning noise. All the electronics work - radio, lights, etc. but the car just wont turn over. The spark plugs and wires are all new as of this past fall and the points and rotor look to be recently replaced. I tried to jump start it and this had no effect. Anyone have any suggestions on what it could be? I feel like it could be the alternator but I am not entirely sure. Thanks for the help
  9. Hey I'm interested in the wheels but I am located up in Massachusetts. Any idea what the shipping costs would be from there to Boston? Thanks for your time, Austin
  10. I just enjoy the process of making things myself. These seem relatively straight forward to make so I figured why not give it a shot.
  11. Yea, that's what I was thinking about doing. I'm just looking for a layout of the bolt holes so I know everything is laid out correctly.
  12. I'd like to make my own recaro seat adapters and was wondering if anyone had a template readily available before I jump into it? Thanks in advance
  13. 1. Jason Gipson 15x7 et 25 Royal Steel Grey or Royal Gold 2. Gary H 15x7 et 25 Black (polished lip, if available as an option) 3. John O. 15x7 et 25 Silver or Royal Steel Gray + polished lip 4. Tom C. 15x7 et25 57.1bore - Royal Steel Gray or Royal Gold (Polished Lip for either) 5. Joe M. 15x7 et25 57.1 bore polished lip royal gold 1st choice, royal steel 2nd 6. Clem (Slimsbimm) Five wheels. 15x7 et25 57.1bore - Royal Steel Gray (closest thing to 'gun metal') 7. Jason Yamasaki 15x7 et 25 fronts & 15x8 et 20 for the rear : polished lip gold face, or 2nd option polished lip silver face. 8. Austin C. 15x7 et25 57.1 bore polished lip royal gold 1st choice, royal steel 2nd
  14. I'd be interested in a set, I just found these today and its definitely the style im looking for at that price.
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