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  1. I am interested in your car, pls give me a call.


    thanks tim  203 253-2249

  2. Car located in Granville, Ohio, 43023 1976 with 100,000 + miles. Trunk, rockers, shock towers are rust free. Doors and drivers front fender aren't pretty. Rest of body is pretty decent, but just a little beat up. Under carriage stripped and painted with POR15. Interior sound deadening on floor stripped, painted with por 15, and new dynamat installed. New urethane bushings all around. New IE adjustable front and rear sway bars. New IE stage 2 springs. New Bilstein sports. New motor mounts. New Bosch SR440 starter New IE radiator/heater hose kit. Recently cleaned and pressure tested radiator. New IE Willwood big brake kits with plated, cross drilled rotors on the front and rear. With operational emergency brake. New 15" Momo Revenge wheels New Yokahama 195/50 15 tires New IE ceramic coated header. New IE stainless steel exhaust New Esty carpet 2008 E90 heated, power seats. New AIR Carbon fiber hood. I have an early bumper set I was going to convert to. And an old set of euro turns that need some work. Suspension and under carriage all done as well as interior, minus a new headliner. I started body work and am now burnt out on the project. All new parts have less than 20 miles on them. Cutting my losses, price $4,000.00
  3. Why do all of the good parts have to be in California? I suppose shipping to Ohio would be crazy??
  4. I agree with mlytle, it's your money, spend it how you want to. Who cares about what the next guy buying will think.
  5. Location: : Granville, Oh Come get them, I'm tired of looking at them. Set of 4 BWA wheels, no they are not pretty, but they are free. Tires are new, but non-matching. Pick up only at 43023.
  6. They look much better than mine. If you want to get rid of them, I may be interested. I'm in Ohio also.
  7. Would that be a Dortmundeer Gold or a Burning River?
  8. That's where mine is from. You had asked me awhile back where it came from, I forgot, and that's it. Too late now, I'll try and grab some pics tomorrow. Fit is ok, needs trimmed a little, but yes, it still uses original hinges.
  9. Not E46, but I did install E90 seats into my '76. Worked great, simple install, and now have power seats. Next up, to get the heating elements to work.
  10. OK, Thanks, I was looking for a complete nose.
  11. Is this nose gone yet, if not, where are you located?
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