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  1. Pump rotates, I can't turn it very fast but feels like some air is coming out while turning. Some squeaking and resistance while turning kind of normal for a smog pump. Aluminum bracket will need new rubber bushings. Has a triangular shaped piece broken off of one of the mounting tabs but since it is one of 4 mounting points it should not affect attaching it to the engine. I have not cleaned it because the last one I cleaned really well was seized the next time i looked at it a few days later. Removed off a car over 15 years ago and stored in a garage. $100 price does not include shipping or paypal fees. (When taken apart, the parts will fit in a USPS large flat rate box.)
  2. Alternator Mounting bracket with 2 of the three bolts. Off of a 73 2002. $30 Shipped in a small usps flat rate box. w paypal friends or $31.20 regular paypal.
  3. Free for local pickup only. Transmission tunnel insulation pad. One side got a little bent over from being in storage. I'm only going to keep this for a short time longer before I toss it , so if you're interested send me a p mail soon.
  4. 1968 - 1976 BMW 2002 2002tii 1602 Alternator Pulley, Nut and Fan This pulley is the correct style and diameter for your Vintage 02. Remanufactured alternators either come without a pulley and fan, or with an incorrect brass pulley. Has been sitting 15+ years in my garage. Price of $30 includes shipping to U.S. in a small USPS Flat Rate Box

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