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  1. I think I have a box for it let me figure it out and I'll get back to you.
  2. Ok, good to know. I know there is a pretty small audience - probably only in California and for one year. Found it in my toolbox today and thought maybe someone might need it. I'll keep it posted for a bit and probably once its tossed someone will ask for one. That's the way it works, Cheers!
  3. Anyone in CA need a replacement CA Air Resources board CARB tag for their 76 for Smog? Yours for postage.
  4. Later style replacement seat belt. Looks to be uninstalled, but has a little shelf wear. Not sure when or where I got it, was in a box I recently found in my garage. Number on back of buckle is 1828569 Number on belt label is 1830691 Looks to be a left side retractor. I think the buckle end could work for left or right sides. the buckle is approx. 17 inches long. I have the plastic bolt head covers that go with it, the pivot cover seems to be awol. Sold as is without warranty, I have no idea how well this will do in an accident. Use at your own risk. Shipped in a medium flat rate USPS box. Any questions please ask.
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