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  1. Removed from a 73 2002 years ago. with mounting bolt. Price includes first class shipping to the U.S. with paypal (friends preferred)
  2. Found this in the back of a drawer of my Aux storage box at work... It will need some attention before working correctly. Was in the package of what I assume is the part that replaced it when the job was done years ago. There is not much slop in the stalk and the operation feels crisp. 1) Looks like the cable was pinched when column halves were screwed together. I didn't find a direct short between any wires, but that doesn't mean there isn't any damage to the wire insulation inside the sleeve. There is no way to slide the black sleeve far enough off of the wires to see without removing the pins from the connector. 2) Additionally, I've tested it with a ohmmeter and I think there is another issue but not sure if I'm testing it right. There is continuity between the yellow/white wire and white in high beam position. Also there is continuity between red and white when stalk is pulled in the direction of the steering wheel. BUT, I get no continuity between the yellow/white wire and the yellow wire in any stalk position. The yellow wire has continuity from the plug pin to the back of the switch, so the problem is most likely inside... Caveat Emptor this switch will need some repair(s). Since these have gotten extremely hard to find in any condition, I figure someone is up to the challenge of repairing this. If I still had my '73 I would not be selling it. Price includes shipping to the US with paypal (friends preferred) Please send a Pmail if interested. Thanks for looking and Be Well!
  3. Here are pictures of the brackets needed for a 75-76. These are available if you want. I'm near San Rafael, north Bay Area. Or can ship https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/247360-smog-pump-pulley-and-brackets-60-shipped-to-us/?tab=comments#comment-1360502
  4. Its another 73 2002 harness kind of what I thought. I had a 75 harness also but sold long ago, never had a 74 harness.
  5. Thanks for your message. The harness pictured in this ad sold long ago. I do have another harness left from another car. I'll have to revisit it I haven't looked at it and a number of years but I know where the box is. Let me know if you're interested what year car you are looking for a harness for. Thanks
  6. Original Lug wrench with hubcap remover. Some finish loss. $40 includes shipping to the U.S. w paypal (friends preferred)
  7. get this error message: [[Template forums/front/topics/topic is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
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