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  1. Had these for a long time. Some pitting, scratches but still shiny. $40 if picking up, or 48 shipped to the U.S.
  2. Yes I can do that. Did you want the tank and the line or just the tank? I don't think it'll make much difference weight-wise. When I get the shipping estimate I will send you a p mail
  3. Blads1 - This is off of a 73 2002. I think the tank and this line are the same whether carbureted or injected.
  4. I have one somewhere...attached to a pot metal mount. I'll look for it. Found it. No reasonable offer refused.
  5. Removed from a 73 2002, I saved the mounting screw, the lid is gone. I think this configuration was used mid 71 - 73 before the wiring was changed on later cars. Price includes shipping to the U.S. with paypal friends.
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