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  1. goodkarmech

    1972 - 1974 BMW 2002tii fuel gauge sending unit

    Sorry, thread is marked as sold.
  2. goodkarmech

    Start Relay

    Large relay that mounts on passenger side firewall. Removed from a 73 carbureted 02. Tested and working. $25 shipped to us only i take money orders and paypal (friends preferred)
  3. I'm interested. How much? I'm in Palo Alto. 





  4. goodkarmech

    Manual Pedal box for 1973

    P mail sent
  5. goodkarmech

    Rear Drive Axle

    Boots are weathered but not torn. Joints are in good shape. If interested, please pmail with zip code for shipping estimate. I take money orders and paypal (friends preferred)
  6. goodkarmech

    Later style Console Ashtray Surround Damaged $20 shipped

    15 is fine. Should be an easy fix with some epoxy. Please pmail me with your shipping address and I'll reply with my PayPal email. Thanks. Al
  7. goodkarmech

    Later style Console Ashtray Surround Damaged $20 shipped

    one more time before I toss it.
  8. goodkarmech

    WTB e12 front calipers

    Good luck, I had a very hard time finding them for a friend's E12. Many online sites said they had them only to find out on close examination they were not available. Ended up ordering new ones from BMW that came from Germany. I sold the cores practically the first day they were listed and one had seized pistons.
  9. goodkarmech

    1973 front seat tracks

    I know you need a set, but if this helps, I have one side...(Do you know if you need the flat kind like these or the kind with the 90 degree front mounting tab for your 73?)
  10. goodkarmech

    Passenger side wiper arm

    pmail sent
  11. Lighter Knob / Element are NEW from BMW, Socket removed from a 1973 BMW 2002 I tested the operation and the lighter pops out nicely once hot. Chrome trim bezel is in nice condition. Price of $35 includes shipping to U.S. only with paypal Friends (preferred)