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  1. Disassembled 008 distributor. Centrifugal Advance mechanism on the shaft is sticky. Advance springs are present but one of them is stretched and deformed. The pin is missing to secure the drive gear to the shaft. Looks like it's missing at least one screw as well obviously incomplete, thus for parts... Price includes shipping to the US with PayPal lfriends preferred.)
  2. For sale distributor out of a 73 carbureted 2002. Centrifugal Advance moves and returns under spring tension. Vacuum diaphragm is intact and moves contact plate when vacuum is applied. Note this is a Vacuum retard distributor and has reverse points, used in 73 and 74 cars. $40 price includes shipping to the US with paypal (friends preferred)
  3. Four bolts with the special nuts with .9mm thread pitch Price of $10 includes shipping to the US with paypal (Friends preferred)
  4. Goes on the outside of the bottom belt anchor where the retractor is. From a 73 car. Price is $10 shipped to the US with paypal (friends preferred)
  5. I have a sale pending from another member who didn't post on the ad. If it falls through I'll be in touch with Mike Pelly
  6. Found a very nice chrome ring 9.5 out of 10, only a couple of small flaws. The lens is Ok, one part of the red section is missing but will work as is. Looks like something smudged the back of the other red part. Gasket is intact and not dry rotted. This is all about the ring, its really very nice. I put some Wenol on it and it shines. Price includes shipping to the U.S. w paypal (friends preferred)
  7. Sale Pending... no, I am not boxing these up.

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