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  1. goodkarmech

    Working Starter

    Not super pretty but it works. Tested it with a jumper box solenoid clicks and it's spins right up quick. Comes with wire pigtails as seen. I'll send it in a USPS flat rate box. I take money orders and PayPal (friends preferred). Price is $40 shipped
  2. Tested and working. Some dark spots on bottle on side that slides into the bracket. Price of $55 includes shipping with paypal (preferred) on money order to the US only
  3. Set of tii brake pads these are the Australian repco deluxe pads. As far as I know these are no longer made. I like these pads because they work well and don't wear down the rotors like metallic pads do. Sometime in the past anti squeak past was put on the backs in prep for installation, probably by me. Price of $22 includes shipping in a small flat rate box I take paypal and money orders.
  4. goodkarmech

    lower dash pad

    on the for sale side of the forum
  5. goodkarmech

    K&N Weber 2 barrel Air cleaner setup SOLD

    Had a pmail from JMinNJ, awaiting paypal
  6. goodkarmech

    K&N Weber 2 barrel Air cleaner setup SOLD

    Thanks for your interest Jesse, but I am firm at my price of $49 shipped to the U.S.. These are $113.99 new from K&N - just a new filter by itself is $42.99. Shipping is going to cost me over $10 bucks if done tomorrow and prices at the post office are going up Jan 27th. If you want it for $49 and have paypal, please pmail me your address and I'll reply with my paypal email. i'm going to the post office in the morning and am happy to box it tonight and can send it tomorrow.
  7. goodkarmech

    Pair of Hood hinges $35 shipped