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  1. Cool... I reworded so that the buyer pays the PayPal fees...
  2. Well... here it is; a brand new BMW "kidney" grill for your '74 and up 2002's. I believe the BMW part number is 511 518 26675. I bought this a while back and my car is a '73 Roundie... Duh! $200 plus shipping... (PayPal need to be of Friends & Family or you have you pay their fees)
  3. BMW P/N 511 31 826 675 As you can see, it is brand "sparling" new. I am asking $225 or best offer...
  4. Here are the pictures of a brand new 13" Alpina wheel to show you the paint coverage at the center... Enjoy.
  5. Pictures of the wheels after I have cleaned them...
  6. I just looked at the Stencils and I do not believe they are accurate... I think the originals go over like 1/8" over the edge...
  7. I have a set with center caps. Please contact me via PM if you are still looking for a set.
  8. I have a new one... Make me an offer via PM. Thank you.
  9. If someone has done with checking the price I have a set of plated (since powder coating can't get inside the cartridge tunnel and need clearance), then powder coated satin black on the outside. PM me with an offer. Also have the E21 hubs that will go with... Thanks!
  10. My car had 185/70R13's on it and in the second picture the car already have H&R in a full Tii Strut, E21 Hubs, and Boxed Trailing Arms installed...
  11. I am asking $1,350 OBO for 1 set of powder-coated (the center has not been painted black) genuine Alpina 13x6 wheels with center cap and brand-new Alpina center emblem... The wheels were checked and confirmed to be true before they were chemical strip and powder coated at Specialized Coatings in Huntington Beach. The center cap is a new set and the emblem set is still brandnew. I went through 2 sets over more than two years over the USA and Germany to complete one set that is true and worth restoring... I did not plan to re-sell but with going for S14 and bigger brakes will require me to switch to 14's. I will post more pictures of the wheels' closeups. $1,350 OBO...
  12. I have listed as NO RESERVE auction my NOS 40cm Petri steering wheel on the eBay. The auction schedules to end this Saturday, 12 December at 9:00PM PST unless one of you want to make a deal... Item# 291632443437 and here is the link
  13. always wanted one of those dogleg boxes since I had my E30M3... $2,200 is steep and who knows how much it would cost to rebuilt it...
  14. Does those Gotti have more brake caliper clearance than say Alpina 13's? I have a set of Alpine that are recently powdercoated that I want to sell as well...
  15. Yes. Can you please help with a "ballpark" number? I need to unload some of the parts to free up for my S14 conversion project so some of these "Gucci" parts gotta go... Thanks!
  16. I have a set... and a new set of Alipna stickers like you have in your picture. Let me know if you are still looking.
  17. I have a set in Satin Black with round hole-cutouts with center caps... They were powder coated by Specialized Coatings in Huntington Bach. Let me know if you are interested.
  18. I have NOS 3-Piece Dash *with* NOS Glove Box door... with NOS chrome strips... I do believe this is the last *complete* NOS 3-piece Dash. I am in Orange County California.
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