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    Mats / Seats

    I ordered a set of Coco mats from cocomats.com. Prior to processing my order they contacted me and said they wanted to send me paper templates of each mat to ensure there were no shape or size issues. Cool. I received the templates in the mail and was instructed to make adjustments if necessary and return the templates. I was wondering how well the mats would fit given I trimmed down the templates by what I felt was a substantial amount. Patrick at Midnight Motorsport reminded me my car was originally an automati c and that the templates are probably for a standard. Ohhh... righhhht, got it. I received the mats a few weeks ago and they fit pretty good. The E21 Recaros I have are in good condition. I dropped them off at the shop when I went to test fit the mats. I bought them from a local double02 owner a few years ago. Nothing uniquely distinctive, but I think they'll look bad ass once installed. The rear seat was also bought from the same guy who sold me the fronts. It doesn't match the fronts as it is perforated and the fronts are smooth.
  2. Always align taillights in the twilight .
  3. Haha thanks. It definitely looks way sexy without the air filter covering up the velocity stacks.
  4. I’m blogin’!… well, at least I think I am. I should have started this long ago, but I didn’t, so this car blog begins towards the end…the end of body and mechanical work, but also near the beginning of the car getting back on the road. This project has been underway for quite a while and gradually came to be what it is now. At a cursory glance, it’s an ITB megasquited, coilovered, euro bumpered 1974 bmw 2002. The car is currently at Midnight Motorsport here in Seattle where it has been reassembled and is getting megasquirt. Big ups to Patrick, Andre and Collin! I am not a “wrench” by any means and this shop has been quite helpful with providing options and advice on aspects of gearhead culture in which I am not particularly well versed. I echo all positive sentiment expressed by others on this FAQ regarding their experience with Midnight Motorsport. It’s an ill shop and a different one with different ways to get shit done! A shout out to @stuff. I came across his blog posts here on the FAQ a while back and got the inspiration for an EFI ITB build. I discovered Jenvey ITBs by reading his postings. Thank you my man. The internet is the ultimate repository of human comprehension and this FAQ assembles double 02 cogitation into a service all can appreciate. FAQing brilliant! Some of the upgrades the car has received… Motor · Fully Rebuilt · 10:1 Pistons · 292 Cam · Jenvey TBP45 ITB Kit with 480cc Pico Fuel Injectors EFI/Megasquirt · Megasquirt 2 ECU and Relay Board · Innovate MTX-L: Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge · 02Again Crank Pulley with Trigger · MSD EDIS 4 Coil Pack Drivetrain · 5-Speed Trans (Getrag 245) · IE 228mm Lightened Steel Flywheel · 3.91 E21 LSD Suspension · Ground Control Coilovers all Around · Koni Strut Inserts · Powder Coat on all Suspension Pieces · ST Sway Bar Set Brakes · 320i Vented Cross-Drilled and Slotted Front Rotors · Volvo 240 Calipers · IE Stainless Steel Hoses Wheels/Tires · Rota RB 15x6 ET29 · Yokohama S Drive 195/50R15 Here is a link to a video I made. Hopefully it works. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MKUBQiBYmYPy0d6VTla8gG93uyXwF74E Here are some pictures.
  5. psky

    Road Trip!

    Damn dude, just a quick jaunt from London up to James Bay with four people in an 02, no big deal. You guys killed it! The deepest I've ever gone into the great white north was a trip form Seattle to Pennask Lake in BC, which does not even come remotely close in comparison, but I don't think I'd do it in an 02. Props to you my man. Sorry to hear about your cousin. Such a nice way to honor him and what a great memento the 02 will be. Also great work on all the videos. I really enjoy them. You have a casual production style that makes them very personable and easy to watch. -Patrick in Seattle
  6. Russell, today (Friday afternoon 3:30ish) I saw a square tail fjord on cap hill at the intersection of E. Thomas & 19th avenue heading west on Thomas. It was freshly painted and had no headlights, grill or trim. Was that you? I am also considering fjord as a color for my 74 project. It would be nice to have a longer look at yours, if that was in fact you. -Patrick
  7. I was moving some of my belongings into a storage unit today. Part of that stuff was a large Rubbermaid bin full of my Dad’s old Playboy Magazines from the 60’s and 70’s. I opened the bin and picked up one of the Playboys to check out the centerfold. I opened it randomly straight to this page! The Issue And the Centerfold...
  8. Thanks for the responses. Yea, Eurotrash I was looking at the sport s also, the perforated leather/corduroy, but damn they're spendy! $300 more than the monte carlo.
  9. Has anyone tried these seats out? I am interested in the Monte Carlo. http://www.classiccarseats.com/monte-carlo-seats.php They seem really well made. If anyone has had any experience good or bad with these I'd like to get your input. If you click on the 5604 details & photos link there is a 2002 in the background. Subliminal stimuli? Haha.
  10. Hey BMWnKTM and bendoty, I'm pretty sure these are your cars. They look great! BMWnKTM, I talked to you briefly about your Euro bumpers, but I forgot to get your name. Sorry dude. Mine is Patrick. Your cars have given me some much needed inspiration!
  11. Does anyone know what this is? My car does not have a mechanical fuel pump mounted to the rocker box. I have no idea what is delivering fuel to the carburetor, all I know is it is not working. The car has been sitting for about a month. When I tried to start it today it would just crank and crank without starting. I poured a little gas into the carburetor and tried to start it again. It fired up and ran for a few seconds. I see none if but a dribble of fuel in the filter. Also, when I turn the key to the auxiliary position there is a steady humming sound coming from somewhere around the alternator (I think. It’s hard to pinpoint.) Any ideas? 74 non-Tii And in case anyone is wondering, I know, my hydraulic fluid is very low. (You can see the reservoir in a couple of the pictures) The hard brake line that goes along the rear left trailing arm into the wheel cylinder is broken. I am waiting for a new one to arrive in the mail.
  12. Thanks guys. I'll check and make sure no one changed anything to SAE before I get the flare wrenches. Just waiting on a new cylinder now. Does anyone have any tips for removing the cylinder? Are there just the two bolts holding it to the backplate?
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