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  1. Obrigado John. It took quite a while to get the car to the way it is now, so I appreciate your sentiment.
  2. Thanks. The camera is a DJI Osmo Pocket. I put it on a tripod with two legs in the rear footwells and the other on the transmission tunnel.
  3. I was having some hard times with oil accumulation on the crankcase ventilation filter which resulted in oil dripping down the side of the engine block. Patrick O'Neil of Midnight Motorsport hooked me up with a custom fab'd catch can. Ah yeah! Here is a video of my drive to his shop in West Seattle for the install.
  4. does that image mean you're parked for the winter, wheelieking?
  5. Five committed. The latest weather models have the rain not arriving until Saturday evening. Fingers crossed. Let's do this everyone!
  6. Hey, I finally joined the PNW regional group. It took me a little while to figure out I had to join to be able to post within the PNW sub group. I like Nathan's plan. As long as it's not snowing... or pissing rain the entire weekend. People based north or south can do the loop.
  7. Jim, thanks bud. Yes, the Jenvey ITBs are as good as you've heard. I don't have much experience with other brands, but Patrick (mechanic who put it all together for me) told me out of all the ITB builds he's done, he likes these the best so far. They're not too boggy down in the lower RPMs and they sound awesome. Yes that is my Uncle's place in the picture. His yard is like a park! He landscapes everything himself and is one fit 72 year old. I really enjoy visiting his place. He helped me a lot with car.
  8. COOP, thank you. And I just find the sound of that word to be funny.
  9. I would have never guessed that when the car was finally ready to drive it would coincide with the outbreak of an infectious disease pandemic. I’m in Seattle where the streets are normally clogged with traffic. It’s been liberating to cruise unimpeded by the usual congestion that plagues these streets, at the same time, it’s strange not having a destination other than the grocery store. It took me 10 years to bring this build together. There are several reasons why it took that long, but my lack of funds, knowledge and ability were the primary causes. When research a
  10. psky

    Paint is done!

    No doubt! I'm ready. I need to get down to the shop and get my ride on priority.
  11. psky

    Paint is done!

    Stoked for you also my man! Looks like proper Inka to me. Now we can carpool to Patrick's, just pick me up in south Ballard
  12. Looking good, James. Bummer about the fenders. I have a set of fenders I got from Restoration Design which I think uses the same source as the WN fenders. I wonder if they're as geometrically challenged...
  13. Thanks It would be interesting to compare how our cars sound side by side. It's almost there... megasquirt still needs to be tuned along with a few other bits. It's getting close.
  14. Update: I shot a short video today to capture the sound of the ITBs and the exhaust. I'm very satisfied with how everything is sounding. Thanks to Patrick for revving the motor. Video link below... The exhaust is done. A custom built system by Patrick O'Neil at Midnight Motorsport here in Seatown... I win again. IE long-tube step header, Summit Racing glass pack and Magnaflow muffler with a 2.5" (or maybe it's 3.0", I can remember) center exit. Dead center. We planned that when body work was underway. The cutout for the exhaust tip was relocated to the center of the vala
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