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  2. Gentlemen, A long time - and an old address - ago I commented on this thread, having found a single US Grille. 528 black plastic grills work also. MY 2000 FRONT END HAD FINALLY BEEN REPAIRED - Thanks to all of you who helped me. The car was done by R-Tech in Chesapeake VA, and several of you found parts for me. LaJolla has Ero light lenses. That experience suggested that I should purchase a LEFT side aluminum EURO Grille, or both L &R. I believe a member had a set. Thanks to all for the help. (Ps now I need the metal latch for the drop down door to hood latch - they do not bend) Lawrence Smith New Tazewell, TN
  3. Thanks for the photos of these pristine beauties
  4. I found a June 1997 copy of Neue Range Ruminations - Vol 1.1 authored by Bob Kauffman, while cleaning up my library. Bob helped me with parts for the 2000, and I believe may have once been a resident of the Denver, CO area in the 1960's when I had a 700S Cabrio. I just ran the Bolder Boulder 10K there, and old carburated engines and my body have a lot in common at altitude. Attached was an article on the 1800 TISA. The 1997 Neue Range (aka NK) Registry consisted of: Gary Adolph, Dan Alvis, Richard Autenreith, Terry baker, Robin Boineau, Ken and Pam Brenner, Nick Close, Jeff Crawford, Sam Dalakis, Don Dethlefsen, Pat Dewitt, Murry Elliot, John England, David Fitting, Will Fleck, Bob Foley, Terry Forland, Michael Ganschow, Barney Greyson, Kent Gourdin, Tom Grahram, Adam Gratz, James Graves, Ken Gross, Bom Hannafin, Karl Hendrickson, Bill Holmes, Joe Israel, Herman Jackson, Dave Johnson, Roy Josies, Rich Jones, Shawn Kampmann, Bob Kaufman, Daniel Kinerk, Art and Betty Krill, Hondo Layes, Craig Lester, Darryl Lunge, Rod Macdonald, Phil Marx, Dave Masi, Maximillian Importing, Rick Meinig, Phil Milanger, Carl Nelson, Mindy and Paul Nolte, Luis Parada, Arthur Porter, Ralph Pridgeon, Charles Reibold, Gerry Reynolds, Tim, Romero, Ed Shaffer, Dan Schnitta, Peter Sliskovich, Charles Smith, Lawrence Smith, Jim Smith, Alan South, Peter Stillwell, Al Taylor, Mark Taynton, Jeff Thompson, Bobby Thrash, Peter Tusnady, Tom Wagner, James Williams, Wayne Wundram, and Ed Zuk. Where are you now? and Thank you.
  5. I may have a US two light unit that were original on my 1970 2000. I do not have the grilles - They were no longer in stock when I switched to the Euro units, but I might have one new one. Let me know if this is useful.
  6. I have a master cylinder for a 2000 - I accidently ordered two - a long time ago. It is in the box - all I would have to do is find it.
  7. NK Comrades, EVERYTHING HAS BEEN LOCATED AND PAID FOR - Except the nose trim (we will bend out the smushed side). My - FIRST POST _ My 1970 2000 was in a small accident and the right headlight (Euro) lens was broken. I have located one from La Jolla Independent - BUT the alum trim on the front and side are crushed, and the right turn unit has broken alum trim and lens but works. I also need a right side windshield wiper stalk. Does Mobile Tradition have any of these 1800 2000 items? Thank you HOWEVER ---- BODY SHOP ADVISES THAT THE "LIP" OR SPOILER under the bumper is in bad shape. These likely get replaced fairly often, although mine has lasted 45 years. Does anyone have one from a 2000 or 1800 project that stopped - OR could a 2002 unit be lengthened in the centre to achieve the same size? Would the same item on an early 528 / 535 be similar? Has anyone else done this? Otherwise - we patch and fabricated. Thanks agan for the earlier help. sincerely Lawrence Smith Norfolk
  8. Beautiful !! -- I have saved an earlier article on how to refinish the dash - and hope to try it next year. How did you do that?? I replaced the door wood on the 2000, and the dash using a teak veneer from a specialty lumber store and stained it to match REAL Teakwook door trim panels that I made, using the flimsy original as a template. The interior is shown in the NK gallery. The glue has held well since I did it in 2004 and it looks good, although I will give the door trim a coat of spar varnish this year. You have given us all hope
  9. Follow up - which will bring comfort to many. Thanks to the comments on the NK Forum and the posting of the pristine 2000 in NM, I was able to convince the insurance company to take another look. I sent them 110 copies of repairs and service starting with the purchase date up to last year. They had a segment of their assessors (who are not acknowledged) who deal with antiques, look at it. End result, new assessment of value right in the ball park for a Condition 3 car - and a check that comes close to covering the repair. Thank you all.
  10. Neil, Gosh, you can find most anything. I believe the TI has a different black and chrome patterned nose trim, but ask anyway. The wiper stalk is easy - it is the arm that fits over the hub with the blade. Not thatnk goodness the fing from the motor. A nice left turn signal lens would be nice too. You know I have a house in York, PA. THANKS AGAIN sincerely Lawrie
  11. Thank you - I really do need the nose trim, and a windshield wiper stalk for the pass side, and if you have one, a nice left hand side plastic orange turn lens. I have found everything else. Right now I am trying to convince the insurance company of the true value of the car - not what they claim.
  12. Thank you - I really do need the nose trim, and a windshield wiper stalk for the pass side, and if you have one, a nice left hand side plastic orange turn lens. I have found everything else. Right now I am trying to convince the insurance company of the true value of the car - not what they claim.
  13. Thank to you both for the recommendation. I may have to switch companies, but am prevented from using collector oriented companies because do not have a garage. Maybe next year if we move southward to the Blue Ridge Bimmers.
  14. Many of you have been through battling with your insurer over the value of your NK. I found the 1969 2000 in Arizona here, and used it as top end in USA. I looked in Hagerty and My 2000 is a solid Condition 3 car. Bottom end of Condition three is above the value quoted by the insurer. Do any of you have selling articles over the past five years? I do not think there were any in the Roundel, but you all, as restorers of KN may have seen them. I want to present true value of a 2000 to the insurer. My car photo's is in the registry . Thanks for the help sincerely Lawrence Smith Norfolk, VA
  15. UPDATE - I purchased the lenses for the front lights from La Jolla Independent. Although I needed the Right side, I ordered both to improve visibility. Casey BMW ordered the right hood trim, and the right turn signal unit for me from Germany. I already had a nice front bumper and guards. ALL THAT IS LEFT IS THE NOSE TRIM ALUMINUM PIECE. NOT IN STOCK - Perhaps someone has one from a project that won't happen? Thanks to all, and especially Neil for the notes of encouragement.
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