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  1. Do rotors axle stubs from any 5lug BMW swap to a 74 2002 Would like to do a wheel swap to 15or17 not many choices for a rear wheel drive vehicle all new cars seem to use a front wheel drive offset Seem to remember you could swap Bavaria rotors and caliper
  2. I have car that is to ruff to restore I want to strip it and go racing wondering about wheels and tire size I want max traction I plan on bulging the wheel wells 13 inch wheels 7inch wide? Who has good tires
  3. Are you kidding200 hp Volkswagen engines make that much Turbo bimmer 350 hp or go home
  4. Have a problem with my 1974 2002 When I first start engine cuts out Ignition system is the problem believe ther is a relay or something Acts like a thermostat as engine warms up the problem goes away I installed a bypass wire from battery car act normal Remove wire problem returns What am I missing just install 32weber choke working perfect
  5. Don't bother replacing shocks on bumper just drill a hole be careful they are pressurized just push in the oil will come out then just. Tack weld shock I did it they look much better if you have black rubber extension on fender you can trim to fit new bumper location also I had bad rubber insert not available just bent a 1/8 by 2 inch steel to fit in recess looks great
  6. Tired off choke issues water connections on carb rotted off can't adjust Properly is the weber downdraft conversion worth the price 400 to 500 Dollars any downside
  7. Worth the investment just getting tired of points
  8. What we are doing in the real world when breaking in a new solid lifter cam Is using a good diesel oil chevron dello shell rotella These oils have zinc in them and are what you need for break in remember this is for a new cam if your using old cam just use your regular oil
  9. Does rotor turn when you crank engine with cap off Some rotors have a resister check continuity from rotor tip to center If rotor not turning try to turn it manually check for engagement of gear
  10. The rubber inserts on bumper bad any reproductions
  11. New fuel additives evaporate quickly another tip new fuels have a lot of alcohol and are corrosive to many old parts rubber parts and steel
  12. Checked car it seems rubber boot on filler is cracked and leaking any source for this part
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