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  1. Yeah it's a combination plug and mount, I can't remember where it came from though.
  2. Got it a couple years ago as part of a trade I think. You can actually buy them new now...but they're stupid expensive
  3. Got another thread going, but I think this is a good data point for the community as a whole. Subject is a 200K+ mile stock low comp '75 US M10 which was subjected to 9 pounds of boost for the last 10K. It sustained severe beatings during that time.
  4. Hmmm, I thought it was important for the cold start bypass spring to be effective?
  5. Quick question for the gang, anyone know which is the to cooler/from cooler ports on an S14 oil filter head? I can probably figure it out, but just if anyone knows offhand. Had to change from a sandwich plate. New motor mounts moved things. @evil02 ? @tzei ?
  6. Yeah I've got a 265 from an M3 as well that combo works for sure!
  7. I disagree maybe I'll have a concrete answer at some point. If I'm taking measurements and the math doesn't add up then I'm not going to cut it obviously. If I screw up, which I've been known to do, I can put another forward case section on...not a huge deal.
  8. -Not a problem if it's not left unsupervised, but thanks -Beating the puller works great. I've done it before and I'll do it some more -Yeah so have I but sometimes I forget things it was a long work day prior -200k+ something mile bone stock original, 7psi with 2psi creep was a hoot maybe 180-200 hp? No clue feels fast though -New engine is a 2.0 with forged .020 over pistons, 8.5:1, ARP main bearing studs, ARP rod bolts, a windage/crank scraper, MLS headgasket, stainless steel valves (39mm exhausts with faces ceramic coated), IE heavy duty rocker arms, heavy duty valvesprings, threaded and capped rocker shafts, ARP head studs -The flywheel I have on standby is a rare lightweight 240 from an '83 533i I think they can also be found on some S motors but I forget.
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