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  1. Perhaps these... https://socalautoparts.com/product/lug-nut-m12-1-5-ball-seat-open-ended-cad-plated/ perhaps a set of ball seat to cone conversion washers...empi offers these i think
  2. Need a rear crank seal housing in good condition. See pic. Mine was breached by a overtorqued bolt. Ship to 90670.
  3. I believe that is Pedros racer. Runs in VARA.
  4. I want to laugh at this and shout like a grumpy old man on a porch, but I have forgotten that last step twice. A quart of oil strategically placed EVERYWHERE sucks. "Screw the oil filler cap back on securely, and you’re done."
  5. For the next person...who may be me if I forget to write this down in the book. I ended up buying three single row chains in the end. Two were listed as "endless" and came with crimp style masterlinks. 1 was listed as a masterlink and came fully crimped. None could be found with another style clip in single chain configuration. They all had part number stickers overlayed and were listed as 11311716987 but the IWIS part label underneath was different. WITHOUT Masterlink IWIS PN 50026994 (chain is factory assembled) WITH Masterlink IWIS PN 50026987 (requires crimp) I bought a $25 motorcycle chain crimper on amazon...had to make a press anvil for the link but the rest of the toolkit worked and seemed to crimp well (Crimp is fun....a 1/4 turn goes from good to too far). The IWIS endless chain goes to the race motor builder, the rest goes in the spares bin. Edited: Some confusion of "endless" and "continuous" changed the IWIS description to w or w/o masterlink. I suppose any chain once assembled is "endless" or "continuous". Anyway, a respected voice called me because I confused them and I think the new description is better.
  6. I am going to show this to the wife next time she says I spend to much time working on the car.
  7. I feel like I should remember this because someday it will help, but not this time. Creative. So - nobody can point to a place to source a single row timing chain with the confidence inspiring large clip?
  8. I did search, but perhaps I am just not good at it. All threads were old and I could not find my answer. I think this is a question that would benefit from a public answer and if nobody has an answer I will call suppliers. Timing chains with masterlink - c-clip masterlinks, crimpable link, and the questionable e-clips - I want to find a single row timing chain with the c-link - does anyone know of a part number/mfr that is currently offering this style?
  9. What am I supposed to say here - Mine, Affiliated. MA Details in the craigslist add. Posted there first because I want to meet some first class flakes and weirdos and CL casts a wide net straight into their breeding ground. Seriously hoping for a prize winning barter situation on these like feng shui or closet organization advice. One can only hope right? But should someone here need rollers, beaters, or some metal stock because you just started casting homemade cast aluminum patio sets, this may be for you. Or perhaps you just feel that basketweaves, steelies, rotas, and panasports are overdone....and 7 spokes with 4 lugs does look like peanut butter and jelly to you. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/wto/d/santa-fe-springs-14x6-4x100-et33-vw/6905716580.html https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/wto/d/santa-fe-springs-14x6-4x100-rims-tires/6905714666.html
  10. I have the exact same wheel hanging in the garage in need of a refinish and was going to ask the same price. Now I have to wait for yours to sell and get buried 2 years in the threads $70 is a great price for this wheel. They look great on a E10. GLWS.
  11. mudchemist


  12. 2 Pairs of rocker trim Set 1 - Pretty Straight, but they are nicer because someone protected them quite a few coats of paint which I have mostly stripped. It is critical the new owner strip the rest to imprint their soul on the piece prior to going onto their car. Otherwise I am afraid they will somehow find their way back to me like pigeons. $100/pair Set 2 - I think these 2 came in with a '76 basket case I had years ago. IDK, IDC. One is bent and a bit duller, the other is better. I thought about straightening it...but then I would want more and simultaneously rob someone of the opportunity find their inner craftsman. $80/pair Pickup only so there are no surprises after shipping. Santa Fe Springs CA - I get down to Manhattan Beach most weekends.
  13. Nah. Pic below is intake valves on the valve reliefs. Not a sophisticated scenario. Maybe he assembled it on the other side of the shop. Dunno, dont care. I dont use the guy. I gotta go. My weber 38 developed a stumble after i changed the cap/rotor, intake manifold, wires, timing, and a colder set of plugs and i need to post for help while everyone is still awake because I think it has to be the emulsion tubes and I have alot of questions about those. Tried the search function and got too many threads that said use the search function. I am caught in a loop!
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