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  1. 1.8 long block with 95k, fly wheel and low mileage clutch, 5 speed transmission, driveshaft, oil pan, and radiator for 2002 swap as well as the oil pump, also have a distributor I will throw in.... All for $300, pick up only (Connecticut) e-mail if interested: [email protected]
  2. Thanks guys....Got a low mileage used clutch unit....Thought it came off a single mass wheel...I have heard to use the 323 bearing. I talked to a gentleman at Aardvark, and he said to use an m3 t.o. bearing....I will try both....Thanks, Matt
  3. Very nice car. Wondering what kind of times the car has run at Watkins and Lime Rock...Thanks, Bacon
  4. Hi, I am matching my 72 block, to a Getrag 240 5 speed. I have a 228mm fly wheel, e30 m3 pp and disc. My question is which throwout bearing to go with. Thanks in advance, Bacon
  5. Bacon

    s14 air plenum

    Sorry, just the plenum......
  6. Just bought it, and I can changed plans. $125 shipped....Matt --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Just bought it, and I can changed plans. $125 shipped....Matt Sorry, wrong section
  8. Just bought this from a member...Changing plans on clutch set up...It is 215mm set up. Kit is complete and comes with pilot, throwout, and alignment tool. New in box...$140 shipped to lower 48. Thanks, Matt
  9. I'll take the distributor. your e-mail is not working for me...Thanks, Matt [email protected]
  10. Do you still have this? I am interested....Thanks, Matt
  11. Hello, I am interested in the Dizzy and Crane. Can I pay-pal you? I am new to the forum and do not think I have private message ability. Thanks, matt

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