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  1. I have a pair of E21 Recaros i need to get rid of, they need some work but someone could use these, im in Lawrenceville so i would prefer someone to come get them as i really dont want to ship these. $100 for both. my number is 770-616-3647 text or call if interested.
  2. Being a collision specialist for Mercedes Benz, as long as all the measurements are +/-3mm you will be just fine, 5mm it too high and 1mm would be hard to achieve, i repair cars using the cellete bench which has dedicated fixtures which puts them within +/-3mm or better.
  3. these seats came out of my 76 02 parts car, does anyone have any info or know of value for these?
  4. This is awesome, i have a S13 already and a 2002 and was contemplating rebodying the S13 with the 2002, but this is much cooler than that.
  5. do you have more pics of the rear, where and how you mounted the nissan rear subframe
  6. we use them at the dealership i work at Atlanta Classic Cars
  7. Could it be for a mechanical clutch linkage?
  8. I have one too, i use it everyday, i work in a collision center.
  9. Please dont use safelite, we have to redo at least 15 a month at our dealership, they use poor quality glass and hire useless people off the street. they will for sure damage your car.
  10. not much of a musician and im still working on restoring my 76 02, but i drive my other toy when its nice out, we will get together sometime.
  11. honestly i live on collins hill rd and i drive on 20 a lot and ive seen neither cars, but its cool to know someone is close by.
  12. where in gwinnett are you located, i dont think ive ever seen that 02 before.
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