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  1. I'd like to trade my 1995 m3 for a roundie 2002. First off, this car is no where near perfect. All I'm looking for is a safe running roundie in Florida. Every time I get close to buying a 2002 I end up getting another car and I always regret it! I'm located in Tampa Bay but I can go as far as Gainesville or Miami as long as the 02 can make it back. Basic information on the car: I bought it with this paint scheme, not a huge fan myself. It is an actual m3 with matching vins on the doors, trunk, engine bay, tranny, ecu, and all. However, the engine was at one point swapped with a m52 block and m50 head. Why I don't know, but it happened. My plans were/are to restore it and so far I've done suspension, tires, and some cosmetics. If you're interested I'll give you all the smallest details there are to know about this car, that way there won't be any surprises if and when we meet. Odometer reads 195,000. Every week I buy something new for the car so it will slowly get better. I have lots of photos and receipts! Again, all I'm looking for is a roundie 2002 that runs well enough to be considered a daily driver. My plans would be to get it as restored to stock as I possibly can, so you don't have to worry about your car becoming a race car or distastefully modified. Location: Tampa Bay, Florida<br />Year: 1995<br />Make: Bmw<br />Model: M3<br />
  2. Thanks guys! I have a bit more money now that I'm back home for summer so I may just save a little and try again when I am closer to $5-6000!
  3. Hey Guys! Do any of you know of a roundie for sale for about $2000? I'm in Saint Petersburg, but I can travel. I need it to be completely restored, preferably Turbo but will consider tii. Haha just kidding, if it runs and has repairable rust i'll be happy! Cheers everyone!
  4. It's kind of a stretch to try and find a running 2002 roundie for $2000 especially near Tampa, but I might as well try! If the car runs and you're in Florida I'll have no problem getting to you! Thanks guys, and if I can't find one ill wait a couple months until I have a little more funding. Email me at e90racer at yahoo.com, Cheers! Year: -1973<br />Make: Bmw<br />Model: 2002<br />
  5. He should have taken that $2,935 and ran.
  6. He told me "Upon further investigation it is a 2002 with a tii engine"
  7. N/M N/A Seems a little pricey, but hey, we don't have many 2002's for sale in the area. http://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/cto/3555648072.html
  8. This is very helpful! I'm not too far from being able to buy my first 2002 project, and interior has always been my main concern as far as aesthetics. My plans are to stay completely OEM for whatever specific year and model I can get, so finding the proper interior is a must. Hopefully by next semester I will have at least a shell to begin with!
  9. Well it's good to know it is a stock color! But a little unfortunate that it is only stock for square taillight. Many thanks!
  10. I've only seen this color interior on a single car online. Is this a stock color for any specific year/ model? It is a very beautiful color! This has been baffling me for close to a month! Best Regards, Shamus [/img]
  11. Hello friends! I've been wondering how common a 2002 in Colorado orange is? I'm wondering because Colorado and Florida are my favorite colors, and Florida, if I'm correct, was only sold in Europe.
  12. I always thought 1974 had ti's as well? The majority of 1974's that I have seen were tii's, but a handful were carbureted.
  13. Hello! So yesterday strolling through Tarpon Springs, FL I Stopped to take a detailed look at a 2002 shell I've been passing by for about a year or 2 now. What this car had left was flawless, nice wheels, a little rust (id say a centimeter of rust here and there from the years sitting) all the trim was off the car but decent, no windows at all, no engine or tranny, and water has collected inside the car due to rain but it didn't look like there was rust inside. The owner gets home in a day or two, how much would a shell like this go for? If there are any major details I left to decide its value just ask!
  14. I was Looking for a 2002 at a very reputable BMW/Porsche junkyard and I came across two 2000C's! What should I look for of I choose to buy one? Is there any parts that are hard to find or extremely expensive? Is it worth restoring, and if so what is the estimated cost? Because the owner is a family friend he's Willing to sell them for 500$ each. Rust looked pretty contained on them, but I only looked at them briefly. So all and all do you think it's worth it? Thanks in advanced!
  15. Looking for project 2002 in the general area of tampa. I have a truck to transport it but I can't go very far, within the range of 100 miles. Thanks for the interst!

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