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  1. "Hot" - that makes a lot of sense. It's been near 80 degrees all day in Seattle the past 3 days or so. I'm guessing it has something to do with my venting. Why would the temperature cause the gas to leak out? The air would expand as it gets hotter, but how would that push the gas out?
  2. Hey everyone, So I have a '76 02 as a daily driver. I left work yesterday and drove home to have lunch with the wife and kid and filled up with gas before I drove back to work (15 miles 65mph). A coworker noticed gas leaking out of my gas cap when I got back. Any idea what could have caused this? The gas cap gasket looks fine - I have a silver bmw locking one that just twists in place. Pressure build up has never been noticed before. Thoughts? Thanks,
  3. Hey all, So I rescued a '76 02 from Stumptown at the beginning of last winter. It is really reliable as my daily driver, but I started losing some brake pressure so I decided to bleed the system. As it turns out, the thing came with Bilstein shocks (at least in the rear). Anyone have any idea how much this raises the value of my car? Just curious. Thanks,
  4. I live in Seattle and have a '76 as my DD. The rain sucks when it leaks, but it's never that bad.
  5. Would those calipers fit right on to my '76? How much to ship them to 98011? Thanks!
  6. I'm interested in the front left brake caliper. Condition? How much to ship it to 98011? Email me back at [email protected] Thanks,
  7. Hey Mike, Thanks for the info. I'm wondering a bit about the choke plates. Yesterday when I was working on it the engine was cold and I could not get the choke plates to close after tapping the accelerator. Eventually they did snap shut but I'm not sure what changed there. Once starting with the plates closed or near closed the engine idles really low (100rpms) which is new because it used to do just fine around 2000rpms.Gunning the engine to drop the rpms worked as well. From what your saying it sounds like my fast idle cam linkage is gunked up. I'll try to lube it when I get home today. What should I lube it with?
  8. Electric choke. Not sure about the linkages. The carb is only a month old so I"m pretty sure the're doing ok.
  9. Hey all, So here is my problem. I have a '76 2002 as my daily driver. i recently swapped out the stock Solex for a 32/36 DGAV Weber carb. Everything was going fine for about a month or a month and a half and then the fast idle on the carb when I started in the morning started acting up. Sometimes when I started it would just race right up to 3k RPMs until I tapped the gas and it came down to 2k. However, about 2 weeks ago it started starting up at the normal (non-fast) idle speed (900rpms) and running really poorly. It would slowly climb to the fast idle speed until the car warmed up. Eventually this got worse and worse - staying at the slow idle for longer and longer - and 2 Days ago it started up, coughed and died. It's pretty much the same now. I can get it started but I have to hold the gas down, turn over the car and keep the RPMs up manually around 2200 and even at that it runs really rough. It will stay like this until the car is warm and then it idles like normal. I'm kind of suspecting a vacuum leak, especially because my brake booster hose going to the intake manifold was practically collapsed. I replaced that though and still no luck. I have both vacuum ports on the intake manifold and the port on the carb plugged. My dizzy doesn't have a vacuum port (mechanical?). Carb is tight on the manifold. Any thoughts?
  10. I'm pretty sure I have a mechanical advance dizzy. I'm not sure how to tell the difference. If I do, what should I do with that vacuum port?
  11. Hey all, I'm pretty sure this has been covered before but I've been searching and I can't find any info on it so here goes: I recently installed a 32/36 weber DGEV carb on my '76. There is a vacuum port right above the throttle plates on the carb itself and one on the intake manifold right below that. I have just had them capped off with rubber caps until the cap on the manifold port popped off. Where should I be hooking these vacuum ports up to? Thanks,
  12. Do you have license plate lights and lenses?
  13. Do you have the license plate lights and lenses?
  14. Hey David thanks for the heads up. I just shop Patrick and George emails. Hopefully I'll see a few of you guys at the next drive.
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