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  1. Looking for a decent auto pedal box. I dont need the pedal, just a useable box. this website acts up for me, best to email me at lfsalleeii @ g mail .com
  2. I like that idea. I have a couple of e21/e30 parts cars, I'll see if I can find a good option for this.
  3. ahh... that makes sense. I was going use some rubber hose split in a similar fashion wherever I needed it for that. by "inner fender support" you're referring to the piece that bolts to the booster/brake master cylinder and inner fender? is there only one of the fold-over clamps that I need to look out for? is anyone able to describe the routing of this tube?
  4. yes, I am familiar with realoem and thats where I got the part numbers from. I have all new parts. The clutch master cylinder has a thick rubber grommet that I know the flared end of the plastic feed pipe fits down in to. my problem is what to do with the little split tube grommet thing. Im not sure if it fits around the flare somehow, or just sits just above the flare, or if for some reason I dont even need it.
  5. working on my pedal box rebuild and am unsure how this all goes together. I've search the tech articles and didnt see anything, and all of the threads Ive read mention it but are not clear on where the little split tube grommet piece goes. Can anyone tell me? pics coming?
  6. If I was in a pinch, I'd do just that. but for reliability and peace of mind, id rather have the correct part
  7. can you send me some pics/prices of what you have please? am I right in thinking the clutch fluid reservoir is just the brake fluid reservoir with an extra port out of the side of it for the clutch hose?
  8. Im converting my car from auto to m42/manual and needing a clutch fluid reservoir. needing shipped to 73045 please.
  9. i have an e30 m10 parts car here in oklahoma and can get the block out for you if you get to the point of needing something shipped. email me lfsalleeii at gmail com
  10. id have to look to see if its the same but I have one from a 76 I'll sell you for $40 shipped
  11. Looking for a late model manual trans shifter surround. needs to be for Behr AC, im told they're different
  12. Im about to pull the front subframe on my '76 to prep for m42 install. I see IE sells two reinforcement plates, is there anything else I should do while I have it out and before send it for powdercoating?
  13. dooce

    Manual pedals

    looking for a set of pedals for a manual trans car. mine is a 76 if that matters
  14. Just joined the forum after all my google searches lead me here anyways. I will do a proper intro here soon, but for now I have a 1972 2002 that I bought about 6 months ago. I have been searching the site the past few days about the Volvo brake upgrade. The FAQ and all other posts that reference it says 'Mid-80's 240' is the donor to use for the calipers. I use the front calipers off one, right? On rockauto an 85 Volvo 240 shows ABS specific and non ABS Girling calipers, I assume I use the non-ABS style? I just wanted to clarify before I go ordering the wrong parts, and didn't find a post where they were broken down this clearly.

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