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  1. Im about to pull the front subframe on my '76 to prep for m42 install. I see IE sells two reinforcement plates, is there anything else I should do while I have it out and before send it for powdercoating?
  2. dooce

    Manual pedals

    looking for a set of pedals for a manual trans car. mine is a 76 if that matters
  3. Just joined the forum after all my google searches lead me here anyways. I will do a proper intro here soon, but for now I have a 1972 2002 that I bought about 6 months ago. I have been searching the site the past few days about the Volvo brake upgrade. The FAQ and all other posts that reference it says 'Mid-80's 240' is the donor to use for the calipers. I use the front calipers off one, right? On rockauto an 85 Volvo 240 shows ABS specific and non ABS Girling calipers, I assume I use the non-ABS style? I just wanted to clarify before I go ordering the wrong parts, and didn't find a post where they were broken down this clearly.

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