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  1. Ran When Parked.

  2. Photobucket relents!!

    Does this mean they are repairing the old problems they've caused? I have no interest in using their services, free though they may be. edit: Ah, 100 DOLLARS per year. never-ever mind.
  3. Sway bars and strut brace

    Like this one?
  4. Pierce Manifolds is a reputable supplier of Weber bits/pieces.
  5. Ran When Parked.

  6. Gouging

    or laundering? https://www.thebalance.com/how-money-laundering-works-on-ebay-4145387
  7. Sway bars and strut brace

    no detectable movement during my fairly tame test drive
  8. Sway bars and strut brace

    I doubled up the wall thickness The double pencil model has a loose fitting spring between the two bamboo pieces, to let the halves move independently. I sold the strut brace, so I would have to devise a different setup to test again.
  9. Sway bars and strut brace

    Ajhem Good and snug, iirc.
  10. Sway bars and strut brace

    Well, since I am basing my impressions on just this one car, I will give a little of its history; which may (or may not) be pertinent. The previous (long term) owner was female... although I generally dislike gender generalizations, I do believe that men are more apt to thrash on their cars. Also, at some point the nose has been replaced on my car, which may have stiffened things back up. My 2002 experience is limited to just this one car, which I have only owned for 6+ years... so it is quite limited. My brain has a hard time telling the difference in some before/after comparisons. If the change is not immediate, I tend to forget/not notice. I was testing mine while preparing to install a stock air cleaner, which the brace would not clear. So, I was hoping I would not see a difference. These things are somewhat subjective. As I mentioned, I did try to measure movement; but my test drive was typical of what I'd put the car through... not a thorough flogging. I like the idea of sways first and brace later. Incremental improvements will let you appreciate the changes each modification makes. Tom
  11. Sway bars and strut brace

    I'll be the tie breaker and side with Simeon. I put one on when I got the car and later took it off, in favor of a stock air cleaner. I could not feel any difference either way. The ST sways that I installed made a HUGE difference though. Removing the originals, I learned that they'd fused to the rubber pivots; so it seems they were not really working the way they should've. That may have explained part of the improvement. I can see a brace being helpful on a racEcar, with stiff springs and bushings and things... where they're lifting the inner front wheel off the ground in the corners. Or possibly on a car that has been flogged over the years and had the stiffness beaten out of it. Perhaps you could rig a way to measure whether you are getting flex between the strut tops... I tried and did not see any.
  12. Repurpose carb return line as supply line

    Can you show us one fitting being sold for the Weber DGV that has BSPP threads?
  13. Coolant on top of intake valves?

    Maybe try these guys??
  14. Should there be a hose on this?

    use your best judgement. thanks for the photos.
  15. Should there be a hose on this?

    this needs a sleeve.