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  1. track rods? I replaced tie rods... I think you may be referring to the radius rods. (?) Those fat rubber bushings had been replaced recently in my car, from the looks of 'em; so I did not do those either. It would be fun to run a tight piece of fishing line under the center of my car and perhaps one perpendicular to it, to measure off of. I would need someone on the other end of a tape though. I wonder how straight those strings would say my car isn't.
  2. nope. no. not a good idea. imho. just fix the six simple problems with the O2 and do as Ray_ suggested. A quick search on an M3 forum found this advice: "The biggest concern should be that the M3 was never designed to tow loads. Consider renting a truck to haul your jet ski. Don't potentially ruin your M3 trying to use it as a truck. '
  3. Mine pulls a little to the right as well. I replaced all the rubber bits up front, as well as tie rods, center link, control arms, ball joints... basically everything except the drag link bushings. I have them and will install them when I have the manifold off. I am curious whether you changed those bushings. It would be funny if they wore in a way that made it pull right. I am not taking mine too seriously, until I freshen up the rear subframe. Bushings in hand... just slow getting around to it. Are you certain that you do not have a dragging caliper? I had that problem as well. Both of them, actually. I did my own toe in settings on my old VWs and one time I ran a tight little string down the center line under the car, so I could measure to each side off of that. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Pretty cool tool you have there! Around here, it is a couple of sticks of wood and a tape measure : )
  4. I foolishly paid $80 to have an alignment done, when I put the front end back together. I have since learned to set my own toe-in. These are the numbers that were printed on my receipt. I am not sure whether they jive with the factory recommendations. (SR= Specified Range) Rear Camber= SR -2.50 to -1.50 Rear Toe= SR .03 to .22 Front Caster= SR 3.5 to 4.5 Front Camber= SR .00 to 1.00 Front Toe= SR .05 to .08 Total Toe= SR .09 to .16
  5. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful photos! I have scrolled through them all a couple of times, yet, not one Mintgrun car to be seen : ( Perhaps they were more common on the west coast... There is a small gathering happening next Sunday in Issaquah and I think your photos have inspired me to attend... again. Will you be coming up for that event? ; ) Tom
  6. Vacuum Retard, actually. Nice photos Carl! It is good to see someone still running points Tom
  7. other

    Ed, I had not noticed the spelling errer. I was merely showing that IGNITOR is a trademark of PERTRONIX. IE uses something ELSE... as I know you know. I suppose it could (legally) be called an IGNITER. : )
  8. other

    I decided to try electrolysis instead. Today I bent a hoop out of half inch steel and hung it around the lip of a rusty rim. Proximity matters with this process, so placing the anode around the entire lip, right up close, will make for a speedy cleanup. This photo was taken after less than five minutes in the bucket. I am using the liquid from my existing bucket and stirred up the rusty sediment in the process. Hence the dirty looking liquid/foam. (For those not familiar with this process, the liquid is merely water and soda ash (baking soda cooked for an hour at 200*) and the negative lead goes to the part to be cleaned, positive to the anode). It will be interesting to see how deep the pitting goes.
  9. other

    Word mark: IGNITOR Status/Status Date: REGISTERED AND RENEWED 3/27/2011 Serial Number: 73177064 Filing Date: 7/3/1978 Registration Number: 1160631 Registration Date: 7/14/1981 Goods and Services: Magnetically Triggered Electronic Ignition Units for Use in Distribution Systems of Internal Combustion Engines for Vehicles Mark Description: NOT AVAILABLE Type Of Mark: TradeMark Published For Opposition Date: 5/27/1980 Last Applicant/Owner: PERTRONIX, LLC SAN DIMAS, CA 91773 http://www.trademarkia.com/ignitor-73177064.html
  10. body and interior

    The PO ruined those strips on my car. The vent knobs are a bit chewed up as well, since they apparently did not know the hole was back there. I noticed that BMW actually put a little punch mark on the rim of the knob, to show us where the hole is located. I also noticed that your door panel has real stitching! A while ago, I made this crude little tool, for popping the covers off. Now that I have installed it in the door for a photo shoot, I may as well take it all apart, to replace the window mechanism. Funny, how one thing leads to another sometimes. Tom
  11. I would be happy to weld a fitting on your down pipe. ( if you'd like to come visit again ) We can plot that rebuilt distributor's curve, as well.
  12. other

    Andy bought a reamer and realigned/rerounded/rebushed the bores for the shafts on his original Solex carbs, for his ti. If you find some play, you might check with him about the details. I have seen carburetor spelled with one T or ttwo, but never two Es and two Ts. Ttom
  13. +1 for Kingsborne you can get them in 8mm, for that beefier look. pretty colors too, if bling's your thing. -1 for Pertronix
  14. eleven percent
  15. other

    I bled my brakes... again. The other day I used the Motive pressure bleeder to push new fluid into the system and on the last caliper, I was not paying attention and blew air into the master. I was trying to watch the fluid level, to stop and refill the reservoir, but apparently got distracted. Well, today, I rigged up a Mayonnaise jar as an inline reservoir, to keep the Motive clean, but not have to stop and refill so often. I also drilled the lid on another Poulsbo Pickled Herring jar, so I can bleed both sides at once. My floor jack was too tall to go under the car, unless I drove it up onto something. That was getting old, so I made a new plywood 'puck' to replace the original part. It is nothing fancy, but does the trick, with half an inch to spare.