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  1. I think the #5 cam may be from a '76, which was a lower compression engine. Assuming the number is stamped on the front face (and not on the rim). I have a number five camshaft in my car. I don't think it will be the one you want for a stock Tii engine... either way. I roughly measured the lift on mine once and the numbers were higher than stock, but lower than a 292.
  2. Computer nerd needed

    Well, since the original problem has been resolved and this is already a somewhat off-topic thread... I will go ahead and indulge in sharing last night's project. I killed my mouse, which had been slowly failing anyway, by slamming it on the table. It is impossible to get my faq fix without that piece of equipment, so I ran out and bought a new one. I bought a cheap one. $10. I did not realize how cheap it felt, until I had it home and out of the package. I used some left over sound dampener from the 2002 project to line the sides of the case. The old mouse I was using had weights screwed inside, so I mounted those in the new one as well. Now it feels like a quality tool... at least compared to what it was. So, I feel like a bit of a computer nerd.
  3. Poor Braking - Help Required

    Yup. It is yoU I Owe .
  4. Lauda on three wheels

    Do they run helium in the tires, or what?
  5. Hot-Spark Ignition conversion question

    Nice work, Jim. I've tried to drill the pin in such a way as to reuse it. I got away with it on the second one I did. I usually just drill as deep as the gear's wall is thick and then punch the pin out. I always use a drill that is smaller than the diameter of the pin and let the last of the pin flex in, as it is being driven out; (which sounds like what you did). The roll pins I use are 3/4" long by 5/32" diameter (3.97 mm), simply because they have them at the local hardware store for $.50 each... and they fit nicely. Especially once they have been splayed. Getting them apart is not as hard as finding the proper parts to repair them. Then it is very helpful to have a bench top testing machine, to see what the new parts have done to the curve. It can be done on the engine, with a variable light, but it is a lot more difficult and time consuming. Here is one source for parts. http://www.stoddard.com/porsche-356/porsche-356-engine-electrical/distributor.html http://www.stoddard.com/porsche-911/engine-electrical/distributor.html It is a Porsche parts site, but many of the distributor parts overlap. Apparently, they no longer sell the fiber washers (but when they did, they were like $6-$8 each, or something silly). If all you are doing is disassembling/cleaning/lubricating/shimming, you don't really need a Sun machine. I think we all need a variable timing light though. Tom
  6. Hot-Spark Ignition conversion question

    I wish I knew why they used the fiber washers. If you buy the typical Bosch distributor shim washer kit, there is only one fiber washer included. The kit is made to service a variety of distributors, apparently, because there are a lot of metallic washers that do not fit our distributors. Anyway, here is a source I found today, which seems like a good value. http://www.vwnos.com/bosch-fiber-washer-for-distributor-rebuild-pack-of-10 someone is selling them on EbAY as well https://www.ebay.com/i/112636880875?chn=ps It is really too bad they attached the gear on our distributors with a pin that needs to be drilled out. The old air cooled VW units have a little retaining spring you can peel out with your fingernail and the pin just falls out. They are way more serviceable that way. It is not a big deal to drill the pin out, but you have to be careful not to bugger the gear or shaft. Once it is out, I like to use a roll pin to replace it and flare one end slightly with a small tapered nail set. The original pin has a tapered end and you want to drill from the other end, that's been flattened. There is a tiny dimple on the bottom of the gear that shows you which is the fat end of the pin/gear and you want to assemble it in the same orientation. I think I will stop there. I appreciate the compliment Ed, but I am no expert... merely a nerd. Tom
  7. Exhaust for '76 Automatic

    Nope. It is the same, except for the downpipe. I believe that piece is different for the automatic transmission.
  8. What did you do to your 2002 today !

    odometer is often an easy fix. there is an article about it on the site. worked for mine. Look in the articles section. Tom
  9. Tach Jumping Between 2000-3000

    that was the temp gauge there, I did help after all
  10. Tach Jumping Between 2000-3000

    I don't have much to offer, but here are a couple of photos I took when I had mine out. I have posted them a few times already... but I just think they are pretty, so here they are again. At least this will give you an idea of what's behind the face. It does not look very 'serviceable' to me. Mine was nice and clean inside, but dust might mess one up. Cleaning might just mean gently blowing it out with a little compressed air. I have not seen any threads about actually repairing them... yet.
  11. Mine has clattered a little at idle for as long as I have owned it (6 years). It is somewhat intermittent. I have decided I don't mind it. I do appreciate learning from your attempt to fix yours. Thanks for sharing. Nice photo too.
  12. Condor Speed Shop

    UBBER would be better, imho. I think vibration dampening is a good thing. I have rubber throughout, aside from the anti-sway bar bushings, which are polyurethane. I believe the Condor bushings are made of Delrin, which is a very hard plastic. I do not see any advantage to using them. I have no experience with RACECARS, to know whether/how they might be helpful in that application. I am trying to be helpful, but I suspect someone else will do a better job of explaining it here shortly. Welcome aboard. Tom
  13. video .... BMW 2002 ... fast blast review

    Video games sure have come a long way, since I was a kid. I think they give the tires too much grip for those conditions...
  14. Clutch not fully releasing

    Ah. Fog is gloomy alright. Does not show on the radar either... it looked clear from here. I am just a bit giddy to have it be clear here this time of year. Mexico sounds nice. : ) Frosty here too. (sorry for the distracting topic)