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  1. '76mintgrun'02

    What are these plugs for?

    I think you are correct about that connector. There should be a similar one on the passenger side. One comes on with the headlights and the other with high beams... or something like that.
  2. '76mintgrun'02

    1600ti for sale

    fwiw, there is some conflicting information in the ad: Transmission TYPE manual NUMBER OF GEARS 5-Gear GEARBOX 4-gear manual
  3. '76mintgrun'02

    Car won't start with fresh battery

    If you take the top off of the carburetor, you can look to see what size jets/air correctors/emulsion tubes are inside and check the float height, while you are in there. The jetting prescription that c.d. suggested seems to be working okay for me. I only get a bit over 20 mpg "around town", but I blame the 3.9 differential. : ) You can order a new mixture screw from Pierce Manifolds as well as whatever jets you'd need to use that prescription. Just a thought. Tom
  4. ... while you are waiting, why not discuss the problem HERE? I won't make it over tomorrow, so I am hoping people take some photos to share. Tom
  5. '76mintgrun'02

    plug gap with Pertronix

    don't use an external resistor either, whether it is the ceramic style, or the resistor wire found in later cars. blue coils have the resistance built into them. I use the NGK BP6ES (no R), although I am not Really suRe what diffeRence it makes. Tom
  6. '76mintgrun'02

    Weber DGV to Stock Air Cleaner Adapter -- Base Flange

    I agree Bryan. The way they support the air cleaner out at the edge is quite brilliant, imho. Trying to attach from the center is asking for trouble. The brackets can be sprung up when attaching, so they pull down once tightened. The domed portion in the center adds a lot of strength, as well as creating a nice smooth entry into the carb. I am a huge fan of the original filter assemblies, can you tell? edit-- here is an example of a cracked filter that was mounted in the center... which is nuts, if you ask me, (hehee)
  7. '76mintgrun'02

    Car won't start with fresh battery

    were the plugs wet before sitting for five days? what kind of plugs did you remove? what kind did you replace them with? what did you set the gap to on the replacements?
  8. '76mintgrun'02

    Weber DGV to Stock Air Cleaner Adapter -- Base Flange

    Ah, now I see the second photo Buckeye added. That style requires that you cut out the center section of the air cleaner. Totally different installation than these flanges are meant for. I guess I will go back through my old posts and correct them. Here is a post in that thread, showing a different style JAM adapter, fwiw. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/127626-fitting-a-stock-air-cleaner-on-a-weber-3236-a-few-s/?do=findComment&comment=82358
  9. '76mintgrun'02

    Weber DGV to Stock Air Cleaner Adapter -- Base Flange

    how do you figure?
  10. '76mintgrun'02

    Weber DGV to Stock Air Cleaner Adapter -- Base Flange

    Thank you Buckeye. That is indeed a JAM adapter. This has me thinking I should go back and edit all my posts where I called mine the "JAM style" (crap) I apologize for all the confusion. Johnny Haywire recently posted photos of one very similar to mine, which came with a Lynx air filter, according to some paperwork he found. I wonder if Lynx made these adapters? Not JAM, apparently. Hmph. TOm
  11. '76mintgrun'02

    Car won't start with fresh battery

    is the coil wired correctly? That depends on where those wires are coming from. (You could use the continuity feature on your new muli meeter to find out) The Pertronix has certain wiring requirements. There is an article about that in the technical section of the forum.
  12. '76mintgrun'02

    Car won't start with fresh battery

    there are ways to crank the starter while working under the hood
  13. '76mintgrun'02

    Car won't start with fresh battery

    in one of your other threads, you said you held the plug wire against a screw driver. Was that screwdriver grounded to the engine? is this an IE distributor? if so, the ignition module is probably shot, they seem to be rather delicate.
  14. '76mintgrun'02

    Bosch ignition coil wiring

    so you now have three threads started, addressing your non sparking problem. this makes it really hard to keep track of what's been done/suggested. I'd suggest you resurrect the original, rather than starting a bunch of new ones.
  15. '76mintgrun'02

    Weber DGV to Stock Air Cleaner Adapter -- Base Flange

    Could you post a photo? Or, just clarify that it is like the one on the left in these photos? thanks, Tom