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  1. Can you guys please let me know how much the stock 3-Spoke steering wheel in excellent condition with no cracks would run me these days? Thank you.
  2. What size caps are those? The diameter of the area that will get attached to the wheel? Thanks.
  3. Hello Everyone, I've purchased a set of wheels: ALPINA 13 inch and I'm looking to buy BMW center caps for them, I'm measuring the center hole diameter at 60mm. Can you please help me where can I find such caps? Many Thanks!
  4. Hello, I'm a bit confuse on when exactly BMW started painting the sill panel (below the lower body-side molding) Black and not body-color.
  5. Thanks!... ok, so.... If there is a square rear light out there with a short bumper, you have to assume that was fitted with an older style bumper, and it was not factory original, correct?
  6. Thanks for your reply. But I'm still confuse, so the side-returns were trim based not model year based? cause as I have shown here on a post 74 model with square rear lights you can see an example with long side-returns.
  7. appearance...the big aluminum bumpers were US only, as far as i know ...required to meet the then safety standards...same with large turn signals and side markers What I want to know is that you see Euro Bumpers, both in short, and long (wrapped around body) on the post 74 SRL (Square Rear Light) models. Why is that? And also on the pre 74 models with the RRL (Round Rear Light) I have seen photos of both Euro bumpers long and short version. 1968 BMW 2002 TI (02) by GS1311, on Flickr BMW 2002 1973 by XBXG, on Flickr BMW 2002 Tii by xavante, on Flickr Bmw 2002 turbo 1975 by willemsknol, on Flickr
  8. Hello All!.... Just joined and I already have a question for you all. I see short & long bumpers on both pre 74 RRL (Round Rear Light) & post 74 SRL (Square Rear Light) models. Is there a reasoning behind it? Cheers,
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