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  1. schnitzel

    WTB Rear seat 1976

    I’ve got one. PM sent
  2. schnitzel

    Front used suspension parts

    PM sent on strut housing
  3. schnitzel


  4. schnitzel

    WANTED: hood

    I have one available if you're still looking.
  5. schnitzel

    Is the KC BMW 2002 group in existence?

    I'm in KCMO. I don't see much activity around KC, either.
  6. schnitzel

    1982 320i Getrag 245 5-speed transmission

    Interested in just the transmission. Email Sent
  7. schnitzel

    Marchal RED rear fog light NOS & RARE

    PM'd as well
  8. I'm in KC, but have family in Wichita/ Wellington and regularly travel to Council Grove in the Spring/Summer. I'd love to help however I can! Let me know.
  9. schnitzel

    PVC Door cards, batting, vapor barrier

    Please add me to the list. Thanks
  10. schnitzel

    from michigan here

    Guess not. Thanks anyways
  11. schnitzel

    1976 BMW 2002 for sale

    Ad says East Memphis- Saw it here:
  12. schnitzel

    from michigan here

    Hi Everyone- I'm the KC area and am looking for car that is a little less of a project than my current '76. Pickings are slim around here! Have my eye on a '75 for sale in the Detroit area. Is there someone who might be willing to check it out for me? I'd certainly be willing to pay you for your time. Thanks in advance! Eric