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  1. Hello Stuart, I may be interested in the 911. You can e-mail pictures and info to my email. Best Regards, Andre'
  2. I have the four leg/wheel version with a Toyota 2F engine on it right now. It works pretty well (It's a really heavy engine!). I'm buying another one in the next week to put my M10 on. Please get a 4 wheel version.
  3. What can I use from a 325e in my 73 2002. Someone wants to give me a 325e and I have to decide if it's worth it to take it or leave it. It's an all or nothing type deal. Thanks, Andre'
  4. I need #12 Mine crumbled into pieces when I tried to fix my horn. Thanks, Andre [email protected] New Orleans(70123)
  5. Looking for the interior window parts. More specifically the part that connects the glass to the regulator. (Metal piece that squeezes the glass) Mine broke wher it connects to frontguide roller of the driver side. Thanks, Andre'
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