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    Purchased a Neue Klasse!

    So happy to see this car continue! Even more happy to see a new face on the FAQ. It was hard to say good bye to the 2002, I will be back at some point. I have been on the FAQ for over a decade. Join that long ago took me from thinking the BMW 2002 was cool to a fanatic. This truly is a special place for petrolheads. The FAQ is a fountain of knowledge and filled with great people. There are few places on the internet with this much passion AND acceptance. Thank you all on the FAQ for helping get the car to where it was! I look forward to seeing where you are able to take it next!
  2. Would you happen to have wiper arms?
  3. It's taken 4+ years to get this rolling tetanus shot on the road. At this point it's really not a BMW any more. That needs to be made clear, this car was missing much, damaged and significantly rusted. Add to that a cross country relocation compounded by this being my first ground up. I say all that to say I would have done things very differently. Due to the moving and original plans of a track car, much of the interior little bits are gone. I have had to build my own over the last few weeks. without them the noise was just unbearable. The door cards are just basic with pull straps. My cranks and handles were in rough shape, so I picked up the billet ones. All I can say is just don't. It's a bad design compounded by poor manufacture. I have fought with them more than I care to think about. Seriously remove and reinstall of them is an hour each, they are that fiddly. On happier news Michigan seems to be having a mild winter so I will continue to drive when I can. Friday I commuted in the 2402, using freeways and all! There are some odd rattles to track down, further interior clean up and my running list, but it's overall a car. I am continually amazed at how fast this thing is. I'm sure the numbers aren't great but it just feels so visceral. The garage is all set for more work. below is my list of items to knock out before the summer driving season returns 1. new windshield (reused the old as it was my first to install) 2. buy and install windshield wiper linkage (what came with the car was incomplete and what was left was rust beyond repair) 3. sway bars (the car came with NONE) 4. New tires, the current ones hold air but originally were old stock discounted tires used in a lemons race car 5 years ago! 5. replace the broken left rear quarter glass opener. 6. new steering wheel, just tired of looking at the junkyard special Not a huge list but after the very expensive 2019, trying to keep the spend low this year and the miles high.
  4. It has taken years and huge projects to get this far. However, it now seems the smallest projects are more rewarding. What I mean is now that the 2402 is on the road every little project makes it just that much better to drive, that much more useful. Over the Thanksgiving break I was able to tackle some more projects and it really made a difference. 1. fixed the clunk, the Diff flange was too close to the tunnel and under accel the diff rotates nose up and would hit the floor. A little tappy tap with the 5# sledge and problem solved 2. Bump steer was HORRIFIC. Turned out the toe in was just too high. It now tracks straight and the bump steer is totally acceptable. Steering is slow for my liking still, and turning radius that makes a battleship laugh. 3. finally got the lights working as they should. It was a combination of chasing bad grounds and cleaning contacts. With all that fixed I can now run around and run errands and such. The main thing I am noticing...this thing is QUICK! Still much to be done. It needs an interior and the exhaust is too low. That's what winter projects are for!. Went to car and Coffee, no heat is a little rough on a 30* Michigan morning. Pizza pick up in a classic BMW. On the wet roads it's a bit of hand full, but the smiles all around kind!
  5. maikell77


    I have been working on this car for 4 years. The first blog post was 2/26/2016. At that time I had already spent some 6-8 months repairing rust. Last night the last hurdle was cleared. The custom driveshaft was picked up by my lovely wife. In one of the few times something worked first time. This video is the first time since I've owned this car that it moved on it's own! On to the thoughts about driving. So far only up to about 50 mph. The 320i rack with stock 2002 steering arms is extremely slow. It really takes your attention to keep going where you want. The eibach springs ride very nice. The LE5 pulls like a train! I knew with 180 hp it would be reasonably quick, but it feels much quicker. Shifter works well for me and the EFI has been near flawless. GRUZ3066[1].MOV
  6. the last little steps seem to take quite a bit of time. I did wheel the car out into the sunlight just cause. The Uro door seal install really was not too bad. Followed the excellent advice from the FAQ. starting at the corner and then jumping to the bottom of the door and working up sure helped. also the harbor freight plastic tools for interior panels are great for weather strip installation. They allow you to push the rubber into the correct tracks without damage. With the right tool and method it did not take much time at all. Also the permatex adhesive worked well too. With the outside of the car sealed up I closed up the tunnel to have the cabin sealed up for the pending drive. I am originally from Texas, living in Michigan. The Indiana plates are a call back to 2009 when I first was bit with the BMW 2002 bug and joined the FAQ. The last parts holding me up is the driveshaft. I have received an adapter for the driveshaft to transmission. Which will allow me to use a GM 1350 spicer style flange and U-joint. On the rear another adapter will allow use of a Spicer 1310 joint. Once I have these adapters I can measure have the custom driveshaft built up.
  7. maikell77

    more progress

    Some more progress was made over the holiday weekend. The cooling system finally got the full plumb up. It ended up taking 4 hoses to make 2. The system seems to purge the air pretty well and that's what matters. Haven't gotten warm enough to trip the fan yet, so that will still need to be checked out. All in I think the engine bay turned out fairly clean for this much modern in a car that never had it. it really is amazing how much work it takes to make a modern EFI engine look simple. The pay off is it starts every time at the bump of the starter and revs nice. i am really looking forward to the first drive. Over the weekend I also upgraded from the Girling brake setup to the Massive Brake kit. I never was really pleased with how the girling setup came out. My aftermarket master cylinder was set fro single line calipers, meaning the girling setup was a bit nasty. The massive brake kit is a really nice bracket, and less than complete kit. I will give them credit for trying to make it right, but I still had to scramble, vacation time is not that plentiful, to find the correct bolt after it shipped with the wrong ones. I have the brake lines routed the way I believe the kit would have you. In the future I will go back and do it the correct way with braided lines straight from the caliper to the chassis. That way I can get rid of two more joints. The wiring also came along ways. The signals and console got wired up. Now at this point getting my gauges on a switched 12V and a plate light are really all electrically that is keeping the 2402 off the road. Now I just have to work out the driveshaft for that elusive first drive.
  8. maikell77


    After some interesting trouble shooting finally got it all sorted. I have supply and return plumbed but at current I am running the ECM built in returnless setup. The initial issue was thought to be fuel related. The actual problem was the MAF. The tune supplied was supposed to be speed density. The ECM apparently still tries to use the MAF if it's hooked up. Unplugged the MAF and BOOM! It's ALIVE!! Cabin wiring is starting to come along. it has been just a daunting task, but finally I think I have it down to some manageable task and have the wire grouped. I am finishing up the console to wire up this weekend. driver side is finally getting cleaned up with the only remaining wires for the floor dimmer switch. IMG_7344.MOV
  9. It was much more of a pain than anticipated to get all the brake plumbing sorted and bleed but it's behind me now. The 2402 now sits on eibach lowering springs. the rear looks right, the front still sits a little high for my liking. The recent activity has been to get the car wired and fuel system complete. The wiring started out quite unruly... I have spent quite a bit of time routing and re-routing with many many zip ties. The acrylic panel will mount in the glovebox area. It will give good access to the relays, fuses and a good place to mount my OBD port. There will be many many more hours spent integrating the Speedway harness with the ECM. Finally on to fuel system. The pump is mounted and almost all my plumbing supplies have arrived.
  10. It's been a while since my last post. I have made progress it has just been extremely slow going. To go forward you have to go backwards. That means the engine out...again. Dropped from above, not too scary. Still not high enough...getting sketchy. Its Free! And I can breath again. With the engine out of the way i finished up brake lines and fuel hard lines. Not too bad looking of an engine compartment. Now time to add in the rats nest of speedway harness... I moved the battery to the trunk and made a new mount for it. I might have oversized the battery a little... After two orders the correct clutch finally arrived and the engine is ready to go back to its home! After years of hoping a turbo finally materialized from work...A lovely GT2867 ball bearing with a small turbine stage. This will be stage two. It will spool IMMEDIATELY with the 2.4L ecotec. I will get it running NA first, but turbo will probably be next winter's project.
  11. I am trying to build a plan to have this car running and driving for the Hot Rod Power Tour this year, or at least the Woodward Dream Cruise in August. From looking at my turn radius I need to shorten the front steering arms for the rack and pinion travel to work. The question I have is, is it a horrible idea to drill the stock arm for a shorter arm? I plan to use heim joints with a through bolt and spacer. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/55716-shortening-pitman-arms/?page=2 This is from another FAQ thread, the one I based my e21 rack on. The more I have thought about this the more i do not like the idea of cutting and welding the steering arm. The through bolt i would use is similar to the 2002 in shaft size. That would leave me with roughly the same cross section of material on either side of the hole. In my mind this is less risky than the cut and weld. The reason for the change is simply because the rack i have does not have enough travel to give me the same steering angle as stock. Before it's asked i have to go to a rack to gain clearance for the engine swap.
  12. Finally got around to starting the wiring of the 2402TI. The speedway kit I picked up was nice and fairly straight forward. Spent a few days trying to really plan out where everything was going. Then I learned that the kit really works well with a GM column connector. That got me to thinking about if i could get rid of a U joint with a longer column. Sure enough I can! so now staring down the prospect of redoing my steering system I thought it wise to pause for a bit and make sure there is nothing else I would change at the same time. The drivetrain is the part that I have questioned more in the past year than just about anything else. I have to put in rack and pinion and build a massive tunnel to fit the ecotec. With that said I now have a giant engine bay with a 2.4l 4 cylinder. The other options out there may be too good to pass up. Option 1: stay the course, lighter but also lower horsepower Option 2: pick up a junk yard LS and a th350. Not the most engaging to drive but the most HP for the least amount of money. This would simplify my coolant plumbing and driveshaft. Option 3: 5.0L/T5 this is the cheapest option due to having friends with left over parts. Probably as heavy as the LS and only ~40hp more than the current ecotec. This would at least be a manual trans.
  13. maikell77

    It has a face!

    It was nice this weekend to tackle some smaller jobs that result in a bigger change in the garage art. The first little task was installing the rear glass. It wasn't that bad, but then again I still haven't done the lock strip. The rope trick really does work. Word of caution you will need more than 15 feet to have a good handle to start. Also all the comments about get it centered first...yeah listen to them, really eases the process. Had to support my friends car club. After all it started after I drug this thing home with him telling me to walk 3 years ago... I then cleaned up, sand and masked to flat black the nose. I also cleaned up the headlight buckets. I must confess the car is the same color as masking tape...so I may have missed a little corner... All in I'm pretty happy with the grill-less nose. I would love some good condition round grills. The problem is they are so much $. I like this look and think it adds a little to the "outlaw" look of this '02. Stay tuned for our next installment, more glass install, followed by removing the engine...again. Hopefully over the 4th I will get the steering set screws drilled and locktited, clutch installed, and the engine in for the LAST TIME, before vroom vroom.
  14. Not the biggest of updates. It seems the last 20% is the longest. I have been trying to tie up loose end. I have run fuel supply and return lines. I upgraded to 3/8" to support future boost.... I have also finally finished the rear subframe rebuild. All new brakes, lines, bushings and a fresh coat of paint. I was also able to track down a match set of miata seat for a little bit of nothing. Now I have the drivers seat on a track. the passenger side is fixed. And the highlight of the day, getting the car wheeled out into the sun. I am much happier with the stance of the car than I thought I would be.
  15. Not the most productive of weekends. I pretty much just made some new interior panels. the car when I bought it had been sitting in a field in Houston for a LONG time. Most of the interior panels were covered in black mold. So most of that went by the way side. The goal for this car has been extremely lightweight. With that said I still wanted a some what finished looking interior. I had a roll of grey carpet left over from another project. I then just went to the local home depot and got some 2.7 mm birch plywood. I cut the panels to fit and covered with the carpet. The fit turned out pretty good, and honestly hard to complain for about $20 in material and few hours labor. Next up is patching what was left of the dash pad. I have now gone through 3 rounds of padded dash filler and sanding. Hopefully when all is said and done the dash turns out looking decent. These shorter duration projects that are visible are helping get some wind back in my sails. It's been 3+ long years of working on this car. I've never driven it, it has been incredibly hard not to lose all motivation. It will be worth it when I get to drive it! That's what I keep telling myself at least. steering wheel will get replaces at some point in the future. Passenger door crank screw is stripped out. Any ideas how to salvage? Seating position is moved way back. Entry and exit are surprisingly not bad. I will need to extend the shifter up about 6-9" but that should put it right off the steering wheel and keep my elbow high enough not to hit the park/drift brake.
  16. I have made good progress. The seam sealer has set up and finally mounted the E-brake. I ended up going with a hydraulic brake for easier swap to discs in the future. All the old metal then got a good coating of implement paint flat black. Everything instantly looked better. Finally underneath all but the tunnel was coated. It was quite the feeling to see the underside look this nice after 3+ years of rust repair. This has been a journey I thought would never end.
  17. The primer finally dried so I was able to seal everything up. Michigan does not want to give up on winter yet. I sealed all of the patches and plugged holes on the car. I probably went over kill and sealed inside and out. I want a nice non-fumey, dry car..... Then I got cracking on the rear drums. I picked up some backing plates off a 1980 320I, They are so much bigger than the stock drums. At some point i will upgrade to discs. Just hard to argue with a $200 near rear brake setup. Here's to more productive weekends in the garage.
  18. The car has been listed for sale off and on for a few weeks. I might still sell it but i have to say looking back at how far i've come, I might just have to see this through. I have tried to take a different approach and just block off an hour or two a day to do a little. I have not made huge progress, but I have moved forward. I should be seam sealing tonight and paint the passenger side floor pan. For the first time since i've owned this car the floors are solid enough a 10mm socket won't fall to the ground. Low bar I know but considering how stalled I was just a month ago, big news. In other news the Fiat 500 Abarth has now been kicked outside. My garage is now in full on get stuff done mode. Once the interior is painted it's on to glass. Speaking of which I am thinking of just going with lexan for the quarter glass. I might add a plexiglass extractor to keep the air flowing. Anyone out there done something similar?
  19. I have been convinced to toy with selling it again. I hope I can make some progress this weekend and get back into it.
  20. Not sold, but i'm keeping it....I'll just keep plugging away for the for see-able future. Hopefully someday I get to Drive this thing.
  21. I hope this is just some moments of doubt and I can get a second wind.....
  22. The ecotec fit well....The matching transmission was not so easy. it is much much larger than stock BMW trans.
  23. It is with much regret that I am putting up for sale my BMW 2002. I just don't have the time anymore to realistically work on it and finish it. Hoping someone can get it across the goaline and enjoy it. I have linked the build blog and my local craigslist. https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/cto/d/1969-bmw-2002-track-project/6481723708.html https://www.bmw2002faq.com/blogs/blog/193-2404ti-build/ IMG_5905.mov
  24. 3/4" front and 7/8" rear is what Wilwood recommended and I purchased. They seemed to be confident that that would be close to balanced as is.
  25. Yes sir, it's the LE5 from the solstice/sky, and just about any gm car from the early 2000's. The transmission is from a Saturn sky and the engine came from a Pontiac G6.
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