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  1. A few Q's: Could a 4HP auto trans be fitted to this motor to make it more of a "point and shoot" daily driver? Is there any room in that engine bay for some A/C? Who (may I ask) is the guy in Omaha that built this car?
  2. If I could convert a 76 to a 75 I would be cruzing in CO green. I don't want to deal with CA smog rules.
  3. Yes! I have been researching it for a while and the conversion has been done several times. http://www.evalbum.com/2137/ The biggest decision to make in an EV conversion is what type of battery you will use (it's all about $$$). Lead acid ($1,000 - $1,500) Pro: Cheep Pro: Redialy available at any automotive shop Con: HEAVY!!! Con: Poor Life cycle (can only be recharged about 200-300 X's) Con: Poor DOD (depth of discharge: can only only be drained about 50% before damage is done to the battery). LiFePO4 ($5,000 - $10,000) Pro: Less than 1/2 the weight of lead acid Pro: Good life cycle (2000 - 3000 charges). Pro: Good DOD (80% - 95% discharge before any damage to battery) Con: $$$ Con: Although not required, a BMS should be considered at this level of investment (battery management system) Nickel-Metal-Hydride: Not commonly used in EV's for reasons I will not elaborate on. If I do a build I will probably go with: CALB LiFePO4 128v - 144v ($10,000) Warp 9 motor ($1,800) Evnetics Soliton Jr. (maybe a Solution 1 if I push the budget) ($2,000) An EV conversion is just one of 3 options I have floating around. I have been looking at M42 conversions, and even 4HP auto conversions. I like to weight my options
  4. Thanks Skip, I'm hoping to start with a 2002/a to utilize the larger tunnel. Q: I thought the M10 and M42 had the same bolt pattern and the M20 was different? I'm still in the early stages of research so I'm getting confused easily. Q: If your left foot fell off, would you go M20/4HP or M42/4HP? Q: Do you own a shop?
  5. @AndyS Ahh...2000CS, got it. Could I find a single doner car that would provide everything? I think PatAllen was trying to get a non-electric version of the 4HP from a 1985 318i but that would be pre-M42..? Trying to get a parts list together. M42 Doner: ??? (1991 318iS) 4HP Doner: ??? (1985 318iS) Is Jake Barkell from LaValle's Import Resto?
  6. Thank you for your reply Andy. It sounds like you are still satisfied with your config. If I could squease a bit more torque out of the M42 without sacrificing reliability it will probably be my solution. A few questions: Is your motor an M42? I thought you previously stated yours is from 1984 and I thought the M42 was not available till 1989. What am I looking at in your second pic other than a turbo and coil on plugs? Is that an M42? What are you referring to when you say "the 2000"?
  7. I have been doing a bit of reading on the forum and found some folks have had good results swapping in M20 and M42 motors but most all of them are running manual transmissions. I am looking for impressions and maybe some tech references for a good "heavy traffic" DD setup. M42 w/4HP: although the MPG's look great, my concern here is the lack of torque mated to an automatic. I think AndyS provided the information; "It is an 84 1.8 liter with an 84 4hp22 transmission". AndyS, if you see this can you give me some impression on how this is playing out for you? M20 w/4HP: not sure if this has been done (maybe I should have read more). Seems the M20 would be a good match for an auto although I would guess the handling would suffer if only a little bit not to mention the MPG's would not be as good. Option C would be to retain the M10 and mate up a 4HP like PatAllen has done. He seems to be happy with the end result. Chime in and give your impression (no need for auto bashing, I know it will be a "chick car"
  8. Thank you for the tip, I will keep them on the list of OC shops. Off topic, are there any 2002 get togethers other than Cars & Coffee? I don't like getting up early on the weekend
  9. I lived in Costa Mesa for about 15 years and probably drove by that place 50x's. Did they do any body work or rust repair on your 02's? When is your M2 gonna be ready? Please, please, please...can I have a ride?! I would love to hear about your investment on both cars, if you wouldn't mind disclosing via pm.
  10. My original plan is still intact (Tii w/5 speed), just thought an auto might be worth some exploration. If I could get some reasonable performance out of one, I would be interested.
  11. Yes...Anaheim. I'm about 1 mile from Angel stadium and about 1.5 miles from Disneyland. Traffic is nuts here (for those who don't know). Currently I am blessed with a 1 mile commute but if that changes it's back to the trenches of the 5, 57, 22, 91, 405, ect... All capable of causing severe leg cramp on any given work day. I would MUCH prefer a stick shift if I lived in the county but...I don't so I have to compromise.
  12. Wow, lots of great reading on M42 conversions. My main concern would be monetary investment. When I bought my /2 I bought the most valuable model available and felt comfortable sinking $ into it. After 15 years I still own it and the value is going up. If I would have put disk brakes or a newer motor in it the value would have suffered. That is my reasoning for looking at roundie Tii's. Although, with performance #'s like 150+hp and 30+ mpg, a conversion is interesting. I keep hearing that having the origional motor is not that important, maybe I should start listening. Nice non-Tii roundies are quite a bit cheaper and more readily available. Anyone in SoCal have a M42 conversion I can have a ride in?
  13. That's an interesting option. If I could get a 2002a that would still be capable of some mild autocrossing I would be a happy camper. Where I live stick shifts make better weekend cars.
  14. Thx guys! My list of shops by local is coming together. I am hoping to find a good 2002 in SoCal but there seems to be lots of 02 action around the Bay area. I think that black roundie Tii in Sacramento that sold the other day would have been a good jump point but I missed it. @ Armondnotsignedin Does A1 autoworks mostly do speed work like M2 conversion's? Rust and general chassis integrity is my primary concern during inspection. @ adawil2002 Umm....suuuuuure, yeah I was joking (...crap!...)
  15. Well then I won't mention my plan B where I take a Tii and drop an automatic in it.
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