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  1. 3K = November 3rd so the block casting date is November 3, 1978
  2. yep, these were from 2018, long gone. I have another set available. Message me if interested.
  3. $100 shipped retail $182.83 (see 3rd pic) part numbers are as follows: 63211356939 63211356940
  4. $150 shipped retail new is $530 (see last pic) part numbers are as follows: 63211353317 63211353318 63211351669 63211351670
  5. Currently does not, and never did originally.
  6. It’s not, but I do have a tii booster available as well thanks for the kind words, Mario. I sincerely appreciate it. Your car looks great!
  7. Chimi is passing on this booster, so it is still available
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