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  2. 18 months ago, I restored my 76 2002. I found this guy online who priced out parts for me ~25% off list. my local dealer marks up parts… list plus 10%. I spent about 4k in parts and would recommend anyone to Garry. Stand up guy and really works with you . Customer service all the way. Tell him Scott sent you. Garry Romani Parts Manager [email protected] 401-847-9600 ext 2448
  3. I used Butyl Putty Tape and it worked very well. Stays flexible and doesn't crack. You can get it a Home Depot or an RV store. http://www.vintagetrailersupply.com/Butyl_Putty_Tape_p/vts-419.htm
  4. I just finished restoring my 76 and bought the seat covers via World and the seat cushions via the dealer. Here is a link to my seats. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=150824598412815&set=pb.113863852108890.-2207520000.1372871339.&type=3&theater It took me awhile tring to figure out what cushions to use as for the 2002 they are no longer available. But I looked at a 77 320 and it was the same seat I think I paid ~60.00 per cushion. I can dig up the part number if that works for you.
  5. Sorry about the coppers, but why do you have catalytic converts? Is it a California car? Just curious.
  6. Maybe the first two options, because it isn't the second two. Will keep you posted. Thanks for your feedback.
  7. Hey Folks. I have noticed that my clutch is making a clicking noise in the middle of letting it out. It happens right around the point where it engages. it make a little popping or clicking noise. Hot or cold, engine running or not. It might be sticking, but I don't know. I can feel the click/pop through the pedal. What could be the problem? Any input would be appreciated.
  8. So this morning I went out to check on the issues and without hesitation, it started just fine. I removed the fuel line leading to the carburetor and sure enough, fuel gushes our when I crank her over. I dont think that I have a sucking air problem, but more of a fuel pump issue when the pump gets warm. But it baffles me that I don't have the issue while driving as the car gets warm, it is only when I attempt to restart. I am leaving on vacation today, so I will not be able to drill down on this further. But when I do, I will respond with my findings.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I will look at these points and report back. Stay tuned.
  10. Hi Folks. I have had a great time restoring my '76 2002 and owe much of my success and outcome to those of you on this forum. The wealth of information and knowledge is overwhelming and the guidance received resolve so many issues for me. Thanks to all of you who post your thoughts and comments on the forum, it was my #1 resource of information for my restoration. I posted a lot of pictures on the restoration at mybmw2002.com So take a look. I hope you like it, and hope that I too can provide information to the next person who is restoring their 2002. If you make it to the show and swap in Brisbane, well then, ill see you there.
  11. So I did some research on the forum about fuel pumps and have most of my questions answered. But there is something that I am trying to figure out. The car has been running fine without issues, then today, after I stopped at a friends. (1 hr later) the car would not start. This happened once before to my son (same circumstance) and a quick diagnosis, it looked to be the fuel pump. I had it towed to a shop and they looked at it the next day... but it started just fine. But today, I looked into the problem a littler deeper. I disconnect the fuel line at the carburetor and it looked dry. The line was not under pressure, nor did any fuel run out. So I cranked the engine over a few time and nothing. No fuel came out. So I disconnected the fuel line more up stream post fuel pump and I saw a few squirts of gas come out. I would have expected fuel to come gushing out at these two point but it did not. The question I have... lets say the line leading to the fuel pump is just fine... not sucking air and not blocked in any way. Should I expect to see fuel gushing out at the two points where I disconnected the fuel hose? And do pumps like this exhibit intermittent problems like I have seen? Any thoughts would help.
  12. Lately I have seen redirects on this site as I click through post on the forum. If anyone else is experiencing this, I would guess the redirect is looking to infect your machine.
  13. So what are you trying to modify? The clips are different then the original and do not hole the rockers as close to the body as they should, but I have not seen any type of modification to have a better result. I think there can be a better way to attach the rockers though.
  14. So there is another sticker that goes along with this one and that is located in the passenger vent area under the hood. click on URL below. http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,0/page,download/id,73301 I can recreate this one and photoshop the illustration above and get a good image ready for a printer. Looking on line, there are a few vinyl printing companies who for a reasonable price will print several hundred. I think there could be a market if La Jolla or others distributes them. Comments/thoughts?
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