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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. I think I shall try and expand the tube a bit and tap it back in with some appropriate Loctite. I'm quite grateful that I didn't go up in smoke. Give it to the Germans for intelligent engineering.
  2. I was cruising around in my 71 daily and smelled fuel, a moment later I lost power and pulled over. Popped the hood and saw the fuel line to the carb dangling in free space with the short carb inlet tube still firmly clamped in place. The quick fix was to shove it back into its hole and secure it with a wrap of canvas scavenged from a reusable grocery sack I had in the trunk (thanks CA!) It got me home. What's the long term fix? Was this simply pressed in from the factory? It doesn't appear to be fractured. I'd like to braze it but I'm afraid I might warp the housing. JB Weld? -eric
  3. ebeaupre

    14" Wheel

    I'm looking for a 14" wheel to use as a spare. I have golf discs in the back which won't fit under the 13" OEM wheel. I think a 14" wheel will do the trick. I'm looking for a maximum width of 6" as it needs to live in the original location. It's a spare, I'm looking for ugly/cheap. Thanks eric Location: Los Angeles
  4. I've had trouble getting mine to stay down flat as well. I rounded the corners and cleaned the dash with electronics cleaner before applying. One of these days I plan on making a stencil and painting it on.
  5. Bob, make sure the rotor is seated against the flange. The wheel studs have shoulders on them which are larger than the holes in the rotor. The rotor either needs to have some generous chamfers around the holes on the inboard side or you need to drill out the holes. They're about 1/2 mm too small. I actually enlarged mine with a dremel (how embarrassing) instead of drilling them as I didn't have a large enough bit. I've been meaning to do a write-up on my install.
  6. After a bit more searching I found this post. http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/103659-help-on-ireland-engineering-ie-rear-disc-kit-with-ebrake/#entry248370 Just what I needed.
  7. I misplaced the instructions that came with the brake kit. I bought his, " REAR DISC BRAKE KIT WITH PARKING BRAKE FOR 2002" It's the VW setup. I just finished machining my hubs and can't quite figure out how all the parts are supposed to go on. Does anybody have pictures of their install or perhaps Jeff's instructions? I need to get this put back together this evening. Thanks eric
  8. I have a 6-bolt guibo installed with about .5mm of preload. I've been running like this for about 10k miles. I chased a noise to 3 loosened guibo bolts a few weeks ago, visual inspection showed no deterioration of the guibo. The loosened bolts were disconcerting.
  9. I like the look of the antenna but am wondering if it contributes to wind noise. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  10. I need the lower black trim that's an inch or two wide. Preferred in average condition to match the rest of my trim.
  11. Where is all this stuff located?
  12. Can you provide a picture of what's included?
  13. I tested the pot on a meter, it's fine. I remembered I had another gauge cluster from an automatic. I swapped the fuel gauge sub-assembly and it works! Not entirely sure if I actually replaced a bad gauge or just improved the connections to it during the swap. I noticed the grounding method is different (improved) on the 76 cluster i pulled the gauge from. thanks guys!
  14. My fuel gauge has read full ever since I've owned my car. I've relied on my trip odometer to keep from running it empty, but now that has failed too. I'd like to fix the gauge. Both wires on the sender - FULL Both wires off the sender - EMPTY Both (sender) wires shorted together - FULL These previous three tests seem to point to a sender which is shorted and always has zero resistance regardless of fuel level. 0-200 ohm potentiometer - Always reads full regardless of resistance. (yes I had it hooked up properly) This last test case baffles me. How is this possible? This should have moved the needle through its range. Ideas? thanks eric
  15. This is still for sale. Eurotrash sells it for $175, I'm asking $150 and I'll cover shipping. Make me an offer.
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