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  1. Are the flares still available? If they're IE flares I'll take them. Send me a quote for flares and shipping to 29860 and I'll PayPal you money. Brendan
  2. I have to order a left side panel for my '74. Did you order it thru a BMW dealer? What was the cost?
  3. Bzuva, It was a desert car that got pretty well sandblasted from sittting for a while. The good part is that it has very little rust. The interior is pretty rough. I thoguht about a roundie conversion but the right quarter and rear valence are clean and do not need to be changed. Unfortunately, I don't have money to burn to change everything.
  4. Hey everybody. I finally got a 2002 after dreaming of owning one for many years. I traded my Ducati on a fairly rust free '74 tii. It runs okay and has an LSD rear and Nardi steering wheel. It has lowered springs and strut brace up front and tower brace in back with battery relocator. It has an overheating issue if you sit in traffic and some denting on the driver's side quarter. Interior is pretty rough and the clutch just went out. I just ordered some parts from IE and am looking forward to being a part of this community. I had originally planned on getting a roundie and doing an M20 conversion. Now that I've got the tii I'm torn between doing a conversion and keeping the fuelie motor. Either way the eventual plan is to go with flares, brake, and suspension upgrades. The M535i has been put on the back burner and it's full speed ahead (although at a turtle's pace) on the '02.
  5. You mentioned an interst in bikes. What about a Ducati 900 SS/SP, Bimota SB6R, or Aprilia RS250? Let me know if ineterested and I'll send pics. Brendan
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