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  1. welcome back, we missed you! hope you're in a better place..
  2. well it's not the in-car video, but here's proof it went out on track at least once!
  3. I've got some shakey-phone-cam video, will see if I can get it packaged up.
  4. Thanks! The wheels are HRE 504, 15x8.5 et10. The tires are Toyo R888 205/50r15.. they have real big sidewalls for a 205 which is why they don't look ridiculous on a 8.5". The front suspension is adjustable on IE coils, the rear is IE stage 2 springs on dual (top and bottom) 3-dot spring pads.. I'd like to install height adjusters, probably in this next cycle. The flares are IE, and I had to remove some of the inner lip with a flap sander to decrease tire rub.
  5. Hmm, I could use those fenders. Are they straight other than the cut off lips?
  6. at thunderhill it's beat, I know. I finally killed the motor, so everything is coming apart/off and it's getting proper bodywork to fix all the problems and holes.
  7. I took it to Thunderhill, where I flogged it around the track until the engine wouldn't go anymore. Then, I nursed it back to the bay area, and now I'm contemplating engine options. I have pretty much everything needed to build a turbo M10. There's also an f22c long block with a spun main bearing sitting in my storage space... so, what would you do? M10 turbo? F22c? F22c turbo?
  8. Are you doing Volvo calipers up front? I trimmed my dust shields to fit the calipers, used a pair of sheet metal shears and cleaned it up with a file.
  9. front strut with the brakes on neat angle before the spoiler, shows that I need something better than a phone camera..
  10. Front brakes: on Rear brakes: on all new steel lines on struts and from the T junction back: on covered in brake fluid and never want to come into contact with it again: yes Zender rear spoiler: on ST rear swaybar: on new head unit: on gauges: not on oil cooler: not on roll bar: not on Installing all that stuff on the 10th and doing a track day on the 11th, so hopefully someone will take a few photos Also, lesson learned, if your brakes feel like crap after you've bled several quarts of fluid through them, your rear drum shoes need to be adjusted.
  11. brake upgrade - volvo calipers, IE slotted/drilled rotors, SS lines, 320i drums (the drums aren't on yet because I need to make all new hardlines for the rear). This week I'm also installing a ST adjustable rear swaybar, a Zender rear spoiler, a sandwich-plate-style oil cooler and six gauges. Fun!
  12. Hmm, interesting point. You're right... It feels stiffer because it needs to move less to displace the same amount of volume, but the piston is larger and produces less line pressure for equal brake pedal pressure. I guess the main benefits are the pedal feel and better control of threshold braking.
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